My images are copyrighted. Full copy rights. If you wish to use one of my images please contact me regarding usage, usually this will be granted.

I am an avid fine art photographer as well as not so fine art. I shoot all kinds of subjects. People and children are favorites and I love industrial imagery. I am a member of Skagit Valley Camera Club and Skagit Artists Together and I enjoy that.

I spend as much time as I can behind my camera lens. Photography fills my need to express myself creatively but I love cooking, knitting and being a grandma to a little girl.

My Equipment: Shooting with an Olympus OMD E-M1 now with the 20-40 2.8 Pro lens. My E-M5 is backup. I love the freedom from all the weight and they are a joy to shoot with. Sharp with beautiful and accurate color rendition. Lens: 20-40 Pro, 12-50, 60mm Macro & 40-150.

I love the WWW and being able to see the world through all of flickr's talented photographers eyes. KEEP ON SHOOTING!

For additional fine art photography see my website at
My photographs are my property. Please do not use my photographs for advertising or web sites.
Please do not add any notes to my images or add any of your photos to my site.

Video capture of my granddaughter using the EM-1 recently and posted it on Youtube. Didn't study up 1st and how best to capture or film but it was fun. Link:
EM-1's video capture is excellent as can be viewed here from February 2014:
Thank you.

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    swiftlight says:

    "There are those rare times in life when you intuitively know you are in the presence of creative genius.

    When I met Dana and first experienced her images I knew I had much to learn from her boundless creative genius. I love photographing with Dana. Her images are marvelous, stunning, evocative. I am always inspired by her unique way of seeing.

    For far too many years my approach to imaging has been quite rigid. I come from a large format background where you move slowly and deliberately. Dana opened my eyes to the wonder of spontaneity and the marvelous images that come from allowing ones spirit to roam freely while taking creative risks.

    Recently we went on a photo shoot. Dana created incredible images, images that were so fabulous and different that I knew she had realized a major breakthrough into a new and powerful creative style. Following the photo shoot Dana shared her feelings about her imaging on that very special day.

    “Be Unsure and Uncomfortable and See What Happens.”

    This is my new mantra."

    5th January, 2010

September 2008
Anaheim, CA
Anacortes, WA, USA
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