I smile self-consciously each time I see the Flickr “pro” up there next to my name, because I am so not a pro, and here simply for the joy my very imperfect amateur’s photos bring me, hoping they bring you a smile and some warmth as well.


Please do not post awards or banners: You will discover I delete them, clearing the way for the conversation I feel we both can gain so much more from.


Leave a comment or a thought instead, for I would like to visit your photostream too, and reciprocate that way for you. I find we become much better acquainted through our conversation (talking story, as we say here in Hawai‘i), and not by merit of those snippets of copied html code.

Mahalo nui, thank you for understanding.

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  • JoinedMay 2008
  • OccupationWorkplace Aloha Coach
  • HometownHonolulu
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I learned about Rosa Say from her great book MANAGEMENT WITH ALOHA, but love her flickr stream. It reminds me of the beauty of life here... and how I really need to get out to the neighbor islands. Thanks for sharing Rosa!

November 12, 2011