I've always enjoyed photography. It all started when I was twelve when I built a photo lab in my basement. I was hooked immediately. I spent hours down there making black and white prints. While I enjoyed the wet lab process, digitial is much more fun.

I tend to take pictures of a variety of things and I like to experiment with different photo effects on occasion. Since my camera is small, I tend to drag it everywhere.


My gear history:

Canon FTb - Film


2M pixel Canon S200 camera. - Still works.


8M Mpixel Nikon P3. - Gone - took a ride on the roof of my car.


Nikon D80: It's an amazing piece of equipment. I still drag my P3 with me everywhere though! Just bought a 50mm f1.8 lens - they're only $95 and they perfect for portraits.


Olympus SW1030. I brought it because it's waterproof to 30ft, freeze proof and crush proof! The quality is reasonable.


Fuji F70EXR. has a nice optical zoom and some interesting low light features. It's a reasonable, small camera. - Not used much anymore.


Just bought a Sony A6000 earlier this year with a telephoto zoom and kit lens. I also bought an adapter so I can use my Nikon lenses. This definitely replaces my Nikon D80. The autofocus is FAST and the frame rate approaches 12 frames/second. Great for action shots.


iPhone 6+ - Yes - I consider it to be a good camera. I use hyperlapse frequently.




PBS contacted me the other day and told me my photo would be used as a backdrop for a choir on show coming up next year and asked me for a website reference so, I put this together... It's not really finished yet, so if you have any comments, I'd appreciate any input!


I found a very cool site called Yesterdayslife. It creates a very nice gallery view of your photos.


My Twitter address is lakewentworth (flickrpeter).




2009 June - Accepted - Gallery 125, Trenton, View Point Show.. (my last show in NJ)




2009 July - Won Historic Preservation Award at the Franklin Township Clothesline Exhibit, Somerset, NJ.


Enchanted Trail


2009 June - Accepted - Phillips Mill Photography Exhibit. New Hope, PA.


Wet Road


2009 January - Accepted - Perkins Center for the Arts - Photography 27 Exhibit. Moorestown, NJ. This is a tough show to get into...


Faragut North


2008 December Submitted and Rejected@Grounds for Sculpture - Focus on Sculpture Exhibit. :-( My first juried show rejection... sigh...




2008 - December - 2 Accepted@Gallery 125 for January-March show, Trenton, NJ



It's MineThey're Smiling Now...


2008 - May - Accepted@Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ


Fleetwood American IronhorseHalf-Awake Pay me now, or pay me later...

2008 - May - Accepted@Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ

American Ironhorse


2008 - May - Accepted @ D&R Greenway Princeton Historical Show


In Memory Of Rockingham Over the Millstone Thomas Clarke House Sepia


2008 - June - Accepted @ Salmagundi Club, 5th Ave., NY, NY

Pay me now, or pay me later...


2008 - June (10-20) - Accepted @ Phillips Mill Exhibit - New Hope, PA



2008 - January - Perkins Center for the Arts - Photography 27 Exhibit. Moorestown, NJ

Pay me now, or pay me later...(SOLD!)


2008 - January - Ground for Sculpture - Focus on Sculpture Exhibit. Hamilton, NJ

Reflecting on Dorion


2007 - July - One Month Exhibit - 25 Photos. Pennacquok, NJ

Triple Jelly


25 pictures presented at the cafe.


2007 - June - Salmagundi Juried Photography Exhibit. New York, NY

American IronhorseHalf-Awake


Other places my photos have turned up


Web Sites www.lucumiinternacional.com/

Psych Door


CD Covers

Sarah Jane Wilson - Solid Ground - ISBN 3447981994


Sarah Jane Wilson - Solid Ground - Front Cover


Original photos from the photo shoot.


Science Blogs




On-Line Magazines

NJ Monthly



Hoagie Haven


Best of NJ

Fireworks! bestofnj.com/2009/05/02/nj-fireworks-guide/



CBS News


CBS News Link



Big Banyan



Cover of The Agnostics by Wendy Rawlings

The Agnostics



Trip Cart: The Travel Blog


Triple Jelly


News Papers


Princeton Packet, Sept., 29, 2009, front page.


Princeton First Aid and Rescue


Trenton Times, Friday, August 1st, 2008

Trenton Times, August 1st, 2008


News Sites

Peking Duck







lakewentworth. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

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what a pleasure it is to come back to your stream in the ocean!!!

April 6, 2008
:vicki: says:

what an amazing photostream! lakewentworth has a good eye for design. we have both grew up with a darkroom in our basement....nostalgia...

December 4, 2006
gem66 says:

Excellent photography is what you'll find at Peter's Flickr site. All I can say is, he is really really good with a camera. Obviously, he knows what he's doing. Well done, Peter!

August 15, 2006