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My name is Gabriela Roger, I’m a Venezuelan digital artist living and working in Miami.
I do graphic design, photography and photo-retouching between others...

If you most now about me, In the professional side, I’ve done a bit of everything, from photography to illustrations to web design and print (which is my strong side). My strongest skill is Photoshop, I like to brag about how much I know about it and what I can do with it but I know there’s always something new to learn. I also know a lot about Illustrator, I know about InDesing, Acrobat, Quark, Font-Lab, Painter and the basics of Dreamweaver and Flash.

I like to have fun but I’m also a hard worker, if I have a job to finish NOTHING will keep me from not doing it as good and as fast as I can (unless of course the apocalypse it’s coming XD… other than that nothing can stop me). I always like to take things one step forward (sometimes 2 or more) , I really like to get the WOW factor, that extra spice that will keep you from saying mmm.. It works.. yeah… to OOK! I LOVE THIS!, doesn’t always work with clients... but I try every time.

In the personal side, if you’re interested to know, I love to laugh, eat sweets, crossfit!! <3 (look it up ;) ), watch TV, see new movies, take pictures of everything I do, go out with friends and have a good time. I really would like to travel around the world, get to know new cultures, new people, and new points of view. I like the tropical weather but I love winter clothes!... Just some useless information about me that I can give you :) .

In conclusion, I’m a hard worker digital artist, I love what I do, and I’m really proud to say it. I’m constantly learning new things and I just enjoy doing it. Hope you like what you see.

Gabby ;)



2005 / 2008
Centro de Diseno Digital (CDD), Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela.
Visual Communication Program
Graphic Designer mention cumlaudem

1990 / 2005
Unidad Educativa Instituto Escuela, Prados del Este, Caracas, Venezuela.
High School and Elementary School

-Work Experience

Graphic Designer at ArtBiz Design, USA, Miami Beach, FL.

Graphic Designer at Kaos Advertising, USA, Miami, FL.

Graphic Designer for INDIANI clothing brand Caracas, Venezuela.

Instructor for short Photoshop and Illustrator workshops at Centro de Diseno Digital (CDD). Caracas, Venezuela.


Spanish (First Language)
English (Second Language)

-Software Knowledge:

- Illustrator
- Photoshop
- Indesign
- Quark
- Painter
- Acrobat
- FontLab Studio
- Dreamweaver (basics)
- Mac and Windows OS

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Gabriela Roger
April 2008
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL, USA
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Female and Taken
Digital Artist
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