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Giuseppe Parisi: Video-Photographer, Matte Painter, Illustrator

Giuseppe Parisi was born June 27, 1983 in Naples, Italy.
Award-winning professional digital artist, photographer and Photoshop teacher.

Winner of the Sony World Photography Award in 2009 and 2012 as one of the first 10 international conceptual photographers.

Giuseppe currently works as digital artist and photographer at Rabbit Hole Studio, a cutting-edge studio engaged in high-end retouching, CGI and illustration, based in Dubai. Run by international award-winning Executive Creative Director Shehzad Yunus.

Giuseppe is constantly trying to incorporate his conceptual photography with his drawing and painting abilities to produce matte paintings and brave manipulations in the world of graphic arts and advertisment.

• Digital Artist at Rabbit Hole Studio by Shehzad Yunus, Dubai UAE [2012 - today]
• Digital Artist at Catzwolf Production, Moscow Russia [2013 - today]
• Freelance Photographer and Retoucher at Airbnb [2011 - today]
• Matte Painter for the american TV show After Hours, San Francisco USA [2012]
• Stock Photographer at: Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia, iStock, [2008 - today]

• October 2012 - Oradea [Romania] Food Photography workshop
• May 2012 - Cluj-Napoca [Romania] Member of the Judging Commitee of the Photo Romania Festival Contest 2012.
• May 2012 - Cluj-Napoca [Romania] Guest of honor at Photo Romania Festival 2012 with a personal exhibition and 2 workshops about Digital Matte Painting and Food Photography.
• June 2011 - Chosen as guest artist by the FIAF - national photography festival of Romania - to open the workshop about "Postprocessing Workshop on Photoshop"
• February 2012 - Shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Award in the Professional Fine Art/Conceptual Photography
• November 2010 - Chosen as a finalist for the TNT Festival of young Italian talents.
• Included among the best Photoshop Artists on "artistsofphotoshop.com"
• April 2009: winner of the Sony World Photography Award in the Amateur Landscape category with "Just Out Of My Reach"
• March 2008: qualified to be in the top ten in the Canon Contest “The Assignment” in Landscape Category with "Brought By The Sea IV"

Pubblishing & Interviews:
• Several book covers and advertising campaigns
• May 2012 - Interviewed by national Romanian TV Channel "Transilvania Live" as one of the top ten photographers in the world [SONY]
• May 2011 - Interviewed as featured artist by the indonesian magazine DZ Magazine issue #9.
• May 2010 - Chosen to be published on "Young Blood 2009", the annual of young Italian talents awarded in the world.
• February 2010: Interviewed by Camera Obscura Magazine about Commercial Photography as an active artist on the Stock Photography Market on issue #14.
• September 2009: chosen to be one of the eight HDR maestros to be interviewed for Apogee Photo Magazine article "A Symphony in HDR" by Jim Austin.
• June 2009: chosen to be one of the 50 photographer who will be featured on iPhone and iPod Touch application "iFolio", available for free on iTunes and Apple Store.
• April 2009: illustration "The Phophecy" pubblished on Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Issue #57
• February 2009: illustration "G-Dimention" pubblished on Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Issue #55

• Oct 2012: Oradea, Romania - Spied Solitude, Personal Exhibirion for Photo Romania Festival
• May 2012: Julius Mall, Cluj Napoca, Romania - Spied Solitude, Personal Exhibirion for Photo Romania Festival
• April 2012: Somerset House , London, UK - Sony World Photography Award Winners Exhibition
• December 2011: Gallery Cellamare Interno 56, Naples, Italy - Borderlife Exhibition
• April 2010: Gallery Caprice Horn, Berlin, Germany - Sony World Photography Award Tour
• February 2010: Gallery Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malesya - Sony World Photography Award Tour
• January 2010: Art Work Space, London, United Kingdom - Sony World Photography Award Tour
• November 2009: Centro de la Imagen, City Of Mexico, Mexico - Sony World Photography Award Tour
• November 2009: Ardel Gallery of Modern Art, Bangkok, Thailand - Sony World Photography Award Tour
• October 2009: Aperture Gallery, New York, USA - Sony World Photography Award Tour
• October 2009: Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris, France - Sony World Photography Award Tour
• October 2009: Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, Canada - Sony World Photography Award Tour
• June 2009: Hamburg-Altona, Germany – Photo-Art Around Mediterranean
• June 2009: Gallery 21, Tokyo, Japan - Sony World Photography Award Tour
• May 2009: EDGE Gallery, Hong Kong, China - Sony World Photography Award Tour
• April 2009: Palazzo del Festival, Cannes, France - Sony World Photography Award

You can purchase my photographic works on stock agencies listed on my website or contact me for a faster purchase

All my Matte Paintings and Illustration can be only purchased through my website via email contact

You can buy prints on DevianART or contacting me on my website

I ONLY accept payments via PayPal

My Works Have All Right Reserved ©

I'm open for business proposals i.e. sponsorship, book deal, etc. If you intend to use any of my pictures or videos, whether it's for monetary gain or use on your website or any other usage, PLEASE, you need to contact me first before you use any of them. Thank you.

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    Tom Kaszuba says:

    "I'm not going to mince words here. Giuseppe Parisi is one of the finest photographers working today.

    -Tom K."

    25th April, 2010

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    MenkuiRuiz -- WWW.K9STUDIOS.ES says:

    "Erm... test test.

    This the first testimonial I write on flickr and I wanted it to be for Giuseppe.

    I'll be honest: my first impression about him was not good. Such a talented and handsome guy had to be full of himself. "He must not bother having a look at others' photostreams" - I thought.

    After months of closely following his amazing work I decided to leave a brief comment on one of his pictures and I got shocked: This guy was supernice!! Seriously, I was so so suprised by his kindness, his politness and his will to help! I immediately felt stupid for my biased first impression.

    I'm very happy to have ran across his stream and I just regret not having commented (and thus starting to know him better) way before.
    As a photographer there's not much I can say. His photostream speaks by itself.

    It's a pleasure to have you in my contacts and to learn from you, Giu, and I wish we can meet in person some day because I have the feeling you're a very very good person."

    6th January, 2010

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    tropicaLiving - Jessy Eykendorp says:

    "Peppe is a True Beauty..he is a Gem of all Diamond! His passionate, enthusiastic, heartful, energetic, unique, extraordinary, inspirational, imaginative, magical and His kindness in sharing the skills with friends make me believe he is a fully tallented man and a great artist. Thanks Peppe for being such a wonderful flickr friend..my best wishes to you always! Happy New Year 2010


    1st January, 2010

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    Josh Sommers says:

    "Giuseppe is such an amazing talent it's hard to come up with words that accurately describe him. His photography is excellent, as are his photo illustrations, but his imaginative, surreal and masterfully executed matte paintings are in a class all their own. It's a pleasure and an honor to be able to consider Giuseppe a friend- and with any luck, one day I'll have the pleasure of actually shaking his hand."

    24th September, 2009

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    Fabrizio Cianella says:

    "27 - Giugno - 2009
    Oggi è una data importante, ben 26 anni fà nasceva un piccolo Genio
    lo chiamarono GIUSEPPE.

    Oggi nel guardare le sue immagini c'è da rimanere incantati da tanta immginazione , scelta delle giuste luci, perfetto lavoro in post produzione con Photoshope altri mille marchingegni che sembrano nati appostata per la creatività sapiente di Giuseppe.

    Signori chistu uajone è appena nato ne vedrete di belle!!!!!!!!


    27th June, 2009

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    hipydeus says:

    "I think its time to praise your work with more than just a comment.
    Its alway a joy to see your creativity and how you combine your multiple talents. Besides your technical skills, which are amazing, you have a good understanding how to use your talent in the right way. Whether its the compositing, the mood or just capturing a moment, your pictures have a story to tell, and that i think is one of the most important aspects of photography and Art. Your enthusiasm and your good sense of humor is refreshing. Keep it up, and rock on Giuseppe!"

    12th June, 2009

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    natalia martinez says:

    "hace un tiempo que conozco a este usuario para mi un fotografo con gran talento en la fotografia,nos muestra sus fotos con una gan fuerza y buenos procesados,sigue asi,muchos saludos."

    23rd September, 2008

  • view profile

    James Neeley says:

    "These guys are great! The images are always well composed and superbly processed. What I enjoy most about this wonderful photostream is the creativity displayed. You will find awesome work here!"

    20th September, 2008

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    Ted Rivera says:

    "I should have written this a long time ago, but these guys are simply amazing. They always appear to be in the forefront of HDR or any technique, for that matter. Check 'em out, take your time and prepare for a visual feast. They're pretty awesome and they're cool guys too. Giuseppe & Giacomo,
    always pushing the boundaries of creativity.

    You ROCK!!!


    5th September, 2008

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    Óli. says:

    "One word to describe you my friend that is "Maestro""

    4th June, 2008

  • view profile

    Tyler Huston says:

    "Giuseppe & Giacomo are a pair, undeniably masters at their craft. Their ability to produce breathtaking scenics and dramatic landscapes continues to impress me and stimulates my visual hunger. They are a true find here on Flickr and will undoubtedly stand the test of time."

    17th May, 2008

  • view profile

    Suburbanvoodoo says:

    "Without question, the best images on Flickr.
    Seldom do you come across an image that stops you in your tracks and makes you just gasp!. I have seen images in this stream that just overwhelm the senses to the degree that you just dont know where to look!
    I always look forward to new work from G2 Studios. They are truly great artists!"

    18th April, 2008

  • view profile

    brynmeillion - JAN says:

    "‘See Naples and Die’ and through seeing their work one can understand that saying so well - everything has been said about their work - inspirational – barrier braking – tender – strong – soft – shocking – powerful - the list goes on – they make their Country look beautiful and they are a credit to Italy. What I love about them most and what I would like to thank them for, is the support they have given me from the very start of my journey on flickr - and given me the confidence to carry on with taking a snap or two – Grazie miei amici:)))))"

    13th March, 2008

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    mischiru says:

    "Giuseppe & Giacomo are simply amazing! Their unique perspective, superb post processing skills and vibrant colors always keep me coming back for more, and I am never disappointed! They are undoubtedly two of the most talented photographers on flickr today!"

    7th January, 2008

  • view profile

    Nolan-Photography says:

    "Giuseppe and Giacomo are nothing less than world class. I am continually amazed by their work. I also want to thank them for everything that they have taught me about post processing, that I would have never figured out without their help. - Nolan Evans"

    4th December, 2007

  • view profile

    Stefano Prigione says:

    "I 2 splendidi fratelli Parisi, artisti, poeti e fantastiche persone, sono i maestri incontrastati dell'HDR, in mano loro non solo una tecnica digitale ma vero mezzo espressivo completo in cui colori composizione e magia si mescolano e lasciano senza fiato. La loro perfezione unita a solide base fotografiche ne fanno esempi da cui imparare, il calore umano, l'intelligenza e la simpatia persone da ammirare e delle quali essere con orgoglio amici. Bravi guaglioni!"

    30th October, 2007

  • view profile

    jacq77 says:

    "The Parisi brothers are incredible, their images will take you away to places the human eye can't see! From the first to the last, the images on this stream are spectacular! It's great to have come accross the both of you on here and it's an absolute pleasure to see your photomagic day after day!

    Keep up the great work guys, you are inspirational and amazing!"

    28th September, 2007

  • view profile

    _setev says:

    "These guys are amazing artists with their ability to manipulate light and colour into expressive and other worldly moodscapes. It is very expressive and appealing photography and is well worth spending some time exploring their photostream. I find myself entranced with the beauty of their artistry. They are obviously popular on flickr so I wish them they very best in any business ventures into the world of commercial photography. Great teamwork guys keep up the good work."

    8th September, 2007

  • view profile

    u n c o m m o n says:

    "I am you are... Man I dont know where to start. Are you a hundreds of orton dudes in a volt? Give me some hints?"

    6th September, 2007

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    smakkkk says:

    "Roger is an exceptional photographer. His photos are of a great beauty. He is not limited to reflect the reality. He adorns the reality with the beauty of the eyes of the mind. He is one of the best photographers of Flickr and desire that remains in Flickr long time to enjoy its art"

    29th July, 2007

  • view profile

    Jeff Clow says:

    "The two Parisi brothers are as talented a team of photo artists as reside anywhere on this planet. They craft exquisite images that are full of magical compositions and beautiful color and light. I find myself drawn to their photos again and again, because all of us can learn so much from their distinctive style.

    Their work has made me a better photographer by studying their approach. I'm grateful that they share their unique talent with us here at Flickr and I'm even more grateful that they have become my friends via this site...."

    28th June, 2007

  • view profile

    Almighty_Fotografie says:

    "Roger_Taylor! What can we say! It is so much! First of all : I love the pictures, the really know what is beautiful on this earth, they capture to most incredible shots of nature! And their HDR-shots are amazing! I really love them.. Most of the shots are breathtaking and I can only say one word about it : Fantastic!"

    19th June, 2007

  • view profile

    Sasaki Makoto says:

    "Their works hold good with technology of a craftsman and freshness and exquisite balance of a sense of humor and affection, and they always fascinate me.
    Their clear sense of color and accuracy of a viewpoint are to mention specially."

    25th May, 2007

  • view profile

    **Elle** says:

    "Una volta conosciute le fotografie di Giuseppe e Giacomo se ne rimane talmente affascinati, da non poterne più fare a meno.
    Li considero tra i più capaci e sensibili fotografi in Flickr perché le loro opere hanno un grande potere di penetrazione che trascina nel momento in cui sono stati fatti gli scatti.
    Ci si sente come dilatati da quello che entra dagli occhi fino all'anima e si prova il bisogno di conservare per sempre le atmosfere uniche e preziose che sanno raccontare e mostrare una realtá speciale, da sogno, morbida e melodiosa.
    Nessun soggetto è uguale all’altro, ma ognuno è una magia a sé. Una magia che regala serenitá, permette rilessioni, dona emozioni e fa della fotografia un GRANDE momento di felicitá."

    17th May, 2007

  • view profile

    ondax says:

    "giacomo e giuseppe, un duo eccezionale.
    foto uniche, elaborazioni pittoriche...
    e gaeta nelle loro foto diventa il regno delle fate e dei folletti."

    17th May, 2007

  • view profile

    Sandmania says:

    "Beautiful landscapes, colors, composition, and I´ve been astounded and inspired by your images. I have never given so many favorites in a row.
    Your use of HDR is superb and the composition of your photo's always compliment the colours, thus giving your photo's their own personalities. A pleasure to look at your work."

    17th May, 2007

  • view profile

    *mara* (back again) says:

    "The photos from Giuseppe and Giacomo are one of the bests here on flickr. Amazing and stunning shots. Guys, keep on! you are great artists!!"

    15th May, 2007

  • view profile

    strelitzia --- says:

    "Roger and Taylor are for me two of the best artists i have ever knew,
    I adore their universes, their hdr are sensational,
    visit this stream and you will not be disappointed,
    And..... they are 2 beautiful and nice guys :p
    kiss to both :)"

    11th May, 2007

  • view profile

    .tintin. says:

    "Incredible people, incredible photographers. Their photo stream reminds me of fairy tales. I'm writing this testimonial because it's much easier than faving their whole gallery :P
    I'm so glad you are sharing your art with us !!

    8th May, 2007

  • view profile

    Leviathor says:

    "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, an enduring debate exists regarding photography versus art, and the advent of computing power, digital cameras, and the melding of various medias certainly has given the opposing viewpoints plenty of ammunition. While the proponents of each side would have you believe otherwise, these viewpoints are not exclusive.

    Allow me to introduce Exhibit "A", the photographic art of Giuseppe and Giacomo.

    The photographic excellence is astounding, and the artistic interpretation and processing applied to every image is phenomenal. Identifiably theirs, the work is first-rate, both photographically and artistically--an impeccable blend of art and photography.

    While the point where art begins and photography ends may be debatable, the quality of Giuseppe and Giacomo's work is not. The harmony between photography and art is clearly evident, and its co-existence boosts the quality of their work to a higher level.

    Good day, gentlemen--I rest my case."

    20th April, 2007

  • view profile

    querida79 says:

    "Roger e Taylor.
    Cip e Ciop.
    Stanlio e Olio.
    Pane e Nutella.
    Giacomo e Giuseppe.

    Tutte accoppiate vincenti. Con riuscite favolose.
    Roger e Taylor sono gli alter-ego virtuali di una coppia realmente favolosa: Giacomo e Giuseppe.

    Non sono neanche 6 mesi che fotografo e non fa neanche un mese dalla mia prima reflex. Ma è da sempre che faccio "indigestione" fotografica. E su Flickr l'indigestione rischia di avere pesanti effetti collaterali.
    Ma con Giacomo e Giuseppe non ci si sente mai sazi. Anzi... Mi ritrovo a pensare che vorrei che producessero sempre e sempre di più!

    Giacomo e Giuseppe hanno uno stile "bello", ma con la B maiuscolo. E nel concetto di Bellezza, in questo caso, poco c'è di soggettivo. C'è una cura del particolare, una ricchezza tecnica, una precisione nella produzione finale del soggetto e una capacità tutta peculiare di chi sta dietro l'obiettivo, che rendono gli scatti che pubblicano, pezzi di una realtà da sogno. E accosto realtà e sogno perchè sono pochi gli scatti che trasmettono questo.

    Ragazzi, avete un "marchio" che rende i vostri lavori immediatamente riconoscibili e quindi grazie per ogni scatto che ci regalate!"

    20th April, 2007

  • view profile

    DanielKHC says:

    "Giuseppe & Giacomo are among the most talented photographs and artists I know on flickr. Their work is simply stunning, out of this world and is a great source of inspiration for me. Their constant feedback on my photos is also very motivating for me to improve my own work. They are Italians, which is for me the synonym of warmhearted, friendly and generous!"

    9th March, 2007

  • view profile

    petervanallen says:

    "Amazing work from these guys, I am very happy to be given the opportunity to both praise their work and thank them for the many kind words of encouragement they leave for others, including myself, thank you"

    7th March, 2007

  • view profile

    Sean Shimmel... wink back at the Reaper says:

    "What a sense of the cinematic... endlessly expansive vistas, lavish color and dynamic range, and evocative titles such as Neptune's Throne make these shots a grand celebration of creation.

    Keep up the sense of creative wonder and technical mastery!"

    5th March, 2007

  • view profile

    DARREN ST0NE says:

    ""roger_taylor_85 (Giuseppe & Giacomo) produce amazing, inspirational and simply the most beautiful photographs I have EVER laid eyes on. Take a look and I think you will agree! Not only that, but they are encouraging and supportive of other photographer's work on Flickr. Thank you guys. You are simply the best!"

    27th February, 2007

  • view profile

    silviaON says:

    "just three words:
    love your work

    23rd February, 2007

  • view profile

    FotoDawg says:

    "If you want to see excellent HDR that's not "over the top" and gives you the feel of the scene as the shooter sees it, check out their photostream. It's hard to beat, and some of the best time you'll spend on Flickr."

    20th February, 2007

  • view profile

    CharlieBrown8989 says:


    I found him on flickr explore.

    From the capitol of the Art of this planet. Is inborn with the artistist eyes & present what he sees in the most superb quality & standard to us.

    I am totally convinced & impress upon his master pieces prompted me to write this testimonial.

    I encourage you all to visit him more often & be inspirer & motivated by this Star.

    You are great,.................."

    16th January, 2007

  • view profile

    Ms Ladyred says:

    "Roger has a beautiful photostream. He has a true artisitic talent.
    He is a real asset to the Flickr community and I am proud to be one of his Flickr friends."

    9th January, 2007

  • view profile

    Sergio Vollono says:

    "Allora, Giuseppe? Giacomo? Tutti e due? o è uno solo che gioca con Noi? Non so.
    Ero perplesso su queste tecniche nuove, io che vengo dalla camera oscura in bianco e nero e dalla carta Agfa! Però, da curioso, e grazie a Flickr, ho conosciuto questa "forma" che modella il linguaggio fotografico abituale. E l'ho conosciuta ed apprezzata qui, guardando il loro lavoro.
    Ho visto un lavoro "formale" perfetto, come deve essere, che sceglie soggetti diversi per assoggettarli ad un trattamento di colore e di luce che incantano.
    Bravo, o bravi. Comunque sia, un ottimo lavoro."

    1st January, 2007

  • view profile

    Yngwie.Shots says:

    "Giuseppe and Giacomo are the BEST PHOTOGAPHER on Flickr!
    Their HDRs are so impressive, clear, magic and not as all the other greyish and flat image that you can see going around this site.
    The are my point of inspiration, I'll always look this photostream everyday, waiting for the next upload just to enjoy the view of these masterpieces of photography.
    Thanks Guys, you're the MASTERS!!!!

    21st December, 2006

  • view profile

    menteblu61 says:

    "Giuseppe e Giacomo, due fotografi e' vero, ma si fa fatica a distinguerne l'identita' creativa sul loro fantastico e caleidoscopico Photostream.
    Per me e' come se fossero realmente una sola, unica grande personalita' creativa capace di esprimersi sempre al meglio.

    Su ogni foto c'e' sicuramente il lavoro congiunto, e si vede, poiche' ogni scatto e' impeccabile sotto ogni punto di vista, dal titolo, ai dettagli, alle luci fino all'uso degli strumenti di fotoritocco dei quali sono indubbiamente dei maestri.

    Padroni della tecnica in HDR, non disdegnano cimentarsi in panorami fuori dal comune o macro ultranitide e perfette, o ancora tecniche di long exposure come La Piaja in Velocità.

    A questo punto direi che avete solo da scorrere il loro photostream ed ammirarli come faccio spesso io!"

    2nd November, 2006

  • view profile

    Lupinanto says:

    "Nel panorama Flikeriano non potevano mancare 2 fotografi di così tanto spessore:) Ottimi HDR, colori fantastici e panorami mozzafiato sono una gioia estrema per i nostri occhi:)
    Fantastico il Photostream, consiglio a tutti una visione estremamente dettagliata e commentate....commentate.....commentate.:)"

    20th October, 2006

  • view profile

    NY_Doll says:

    "roger_taylor (Giuseppe & Giacomo) has a fantastic photo stream on flickr. my favorite thing about the shots is how varied they are.. there's night time shots, HDR's, abstracts, the whole ball of wax! i really love his work & look forward to his shots each day!"

    19th October, 2006

  • view profile

    Lito Inso says:

    "Great photographs by great photographers.


    19th October, 2006

  • view profile

    jasperroz says:

    " roger_taylor_85 (Giuseppe & Giacomo) have one of the best photo streams on Flickr. Not one or two of their photos are grand, but all of them. I am not a big fan of HDR, maybe because so many people are doing it and not doing it well, but the HDR photos on this stream are fantastic. One of the most beautiful photos on Flickr and certainly one of my favs is this one.
    So simple, yet so elegant and beautiful. Just fantastic work. I would love to have this one hanging on my wall in a frame. Peppe is very friendly and is quick to give a comment and say a few nice words. Its so nice having contacts like them. I always look forward to seeing what comes next in their stream. Anyone who looks, will like what they see. Also I think anyone who looks, will like their photos here on the profile. Such great looking guys. I only wish I could speak Italian so to make this testimonial better for them.
    Tam (Jasperroz)"

    19th October, 2006

  • view profile

    jose_miguel says:

    "Roger_Taylor (Giuseppe and Giacomo - Giacomo and Giuseppe) are two great photographers.and two good companions in Flickr who always have an amiable commentary for the photographies of the others.
    Normally I'm not a fan of the HDRs, but their HDRs never are loadeds, excessives of unreals. They always obtain the right point that the beauty of the reality stands out but without deform the natural beauty of the things.
    Its range of colors is impressive and its photographic vision of the best ones.
    I'm in Flickr for a few months but I've discovered this pair of photographers and I can assure that it is a good idea to review its photographies one by one.
    Thanks for your works my friends."

    19th October, 2006

Giuseppe Parisi
May 2006
Milan, Italy
I am:
Male and Taken
Professional Video-Photographer, Retoucher, Matte Painter, Illustrator
Giuseppe Parisi Digital Imaging