Think you can say I take live as a form of making art. So take as much as you can out of your life. It's not an easy way, sometimes it's very hard, sometimes it's big fun but it's never boring, that's for sure.

Got a background as an audiovisual artist, after many, many years in business I jumped back into photography and I love it!


To have a copy of reality is not the goal I achieve, I try to get the same atmosphere in my pictures as the one I felt when I took it. This means the end result CAN be something real abstract.


The hardest thing for me is to get a red line in my work, The concept I can work with. My favorite place to be is on the street, and street photography seems to be my thing. In this area I prefer the imperfect face, older people, homeless.....faces with a story so to speak.

Please feel free to write a comment, would appreciate it.


I do not allow my photos to be downloaded or used for any matter without my permission





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