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Spiral, unfoldingClematis on BlackBig Makena Beach, Maui HawaiiFractal Universe (Rodd1h_2048b)Red Maple Fruit (Samara)Earth Tree Sky Cloud
Mauna Kea: The Submillimeter ArrayFract2Layer_3g_1024_14dFractal with flowersWinter afternoon walk:  ReflectionPurple AlliumKa'anapali Sunset, Maui, 1984
Pool below a small waterfallRusting Caterpillar TrackCastle Hill Light in Newport, Rhode IslandRed PlumeriaColor Progression 1Lilies and red sedge - autumn reflection
Fluid movementWinter SunsetScotch Thistle Flower Bud"Leaf falling on to duckweed"Multicolor Lichen (Detail)Clematis Unfolding (A discussion of petal overlap symmetry patterns)

My interest in photography started in high school, where I shot BW photos for the Punahou School newspaper and year book. There were no computers and we did all our own darkroom work (developing film and printing images). My camera then and for many years after was a 1960s vintage Nikkormat SLR.
Ann T (circa 1976) King Protea flower on Maui Panorama of Hana Bay, on Maui, Hawaii in June 2000.
I moved to digital in 2002, and now have a couple cameras and photo printers. Digital photography is liberating, and has greatly changed the way I use photography to document and explore the world.
P1010043 IMG_0510 IMG_0511 IMG_0517
I think of my mathematical and computer graphic work as primarily photographic in nature. In particular, images of the Mandelbrot set (and other fractals) are like windows looking in on fantastic island worlds, which have real and fixed (although infinitely deep) geographies.
Mandelbrot set.  Tibetan mandala colors. Tendrillon_a8d_Long Tendrillon_a9c_1600_Color

Photo and fractal display galleries, and current images in Explore are here:
Frost on the window of my grandparents house Fract2Layer_3g_1024_14d Hummingbird guarding Bird of Paradise blossoms at the Getty (detail)

Generative Artwork
Recent experiments with 3D generative artwork are here:
Broccoli redux Plant Like Structure

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    Pictoscribe says:

    "Roddh's photos are frequently influenced by a fresh look at the visual world that I enjoy. His thoughtful responses to my comments inspire me to think about why I post a picture. His awareness of Chaos Theory and Fractals contribute to a vision of Metapatterns in nature and awareness of the underlying construction of the physical world."

    January 26th, 2007

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    poligraf says:

    "For me, roddh is the perfect illustration of a model Flickr user.

    He uploads on an almost daily basis, and always takes the time to add titles, tags, and descriptions. He covers a wide variety of subjects ranging from nature to computer generated imagery, with a strong dose of art and architecture. He seems to have a natural instinct for photography, and has a very good eye for lighting and composition.

    If you're looking for a steady stream of high quality, interesting photos, be sure to add him as a contact!"

    June 8th, 2006

Rodd Halstead
November 2005
Honolulu, Hawaii
New York City, United States
I am:
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