❤ Life is nothing without friendship and love, and meeting new friends and loves locally (or not) is always welcome! ❤ :D

Welcome friends! I'm Raia DeVine, I am polite and friendly. If you friend me, I will always friend you back. If you invite me to a group, I will always join. Exception being raunchy (sorry), sexy is beautiful, just not into p0rn0 type stuff, but to each his/her own for sure! It's not my gig to judge anyone's personal pref's or tastes! :)

I love history, beauty, music and art in every form imaginable and there is history, beauty, music and art to be found in everything, so Flickr is a serious smorgasbord of fun for me!

I have *seriously* eclectic tastes, so I could just live here! lol :D

Oh, and if you took a peek at my photostream, you may have noticed I also kind of looooooove animals! lol

We were born loving each other :)

*~refuse to participate in hatred and division!~*

ƸӜƷ*´¯`*❤Love ☮ Peace ☼ Light❤*´¯`*ƸӜƷ

Love and smiles to you and yours,
Raia DeVine :)

I just listed a bunch of beautiful Sheer Nylon Chiffon Vintage Peignoirs, sissy sweet and Perfect for Fluffy LAYERING as well as one *super special* piece of vintage lingerie! :)

VINTAGE NIGHTGOWNS and PEIGNOIR Sets, Vintage Panties, Vintage Slips, Vintage Girdles, Adult Baby Doll Gowns, Crossdresser Layering Lots and so much more at Heart Vintage Lingerie (click here to peek at Vintage Lingerie!) :) :) :)

Lots of AUTHENTIC VINTAGE and the BEST BOHEMIAN, Hippie, Fairy, Renaissance and Wedding Dresses, Vintage Hawaiian Shirts, Angora Sweaters, Leather and Lace, as well and you can find us on the web at OneLovePlanet (click here) which takes you to our cool and romantic, newer and vintage clothing shop on etsy for things like Romantic Vintage Gunne Sax Gowns, Authentic Vintage Psychedelic and Bohemian Hippie Dresses and Skirts, Leather Jackets (mens and womens!), Jewelry, Angora and Vintage Hawaiian Surfer Shirts!


Have fun! :D

*~Psycho cyber stalkers must be exposed for the safety and protection of others~*
(I have disabled this post for now, sorry)

Raia De Vine and
I am well over 18... lol :D

We need to achieve justice and freedom for all without bombing, torture and war... zero violence... talk, accept, understand, be human, LOVE... simple... don't buy into the lies... we're all in this mess together... practice love with one another and save the anger for the deserving...

❤ no borders ❤

*~refuse to participate in hatred and division!~*

ƸӜƷ*´¯`*❤Love ☮ Peace ☼ Light❤*´¯`*ƸӜƷ


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    Mistress Pussycat says:

    "Thank You So Much For The Add... Looking Forward To Sharing A Nice Friendship With You...LIFE IS WAYYYY TOOOO SHORT!!!! Live Life...Love Life...Always Be YOU!!!

    And when life gets the HARDEST... Give more LOVE than you have ever known possible...

    Hugs, xxx"

    February 26th, 2009

Raia DeVine
April 2008
One Love, Oregon, USA
I am:
Collector and retailer of Authentic Vintage Lingerie, Romantic and Cool Authentic Vintage Clothing, and More!
HeartVintageLingerie :)