A slow adaptor to digital photography, most of my images are on film and only recently making their way into the digital realm. I think of myself as a detail photographer, loving to find irony in the composition. Would love to travel more, but with littles at home it's more a thing of the past. So I've scanned in hundreds of images to relive those great moments. I add some digital images from newer cameras but my stand-by was a Canon A2E film relic. Thanks for giving a look, especially the albums I've taken lots of time to cultivate.

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  • JoinedAugust 2008
  • OccupationVisual Accelerator
  • HometownSan Mateo, CA
  • Current cityOrlando, FL
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Mick’s photostream is akin to eating your most favorite dessert at a 5 star restaurant in that you can never get enough of of his beautiful photos. Wonderfully framed, tastefully treated and a great variety! Well done Mick!

February 18, 2018

A gallery with very interesting and very well done works

January 17, 2018