A little about myself .. well I have been a full time carer since 2005 and before that I was an accountant for 18 years.

I was brought up in Bury, where my family moved to when I was six (I was born 'down south' but come from good Yorkshire stock, so a little mixed up).

I was a volunteer at the Heaton Park tramway for a few years and I own the lower saloon of a 1924 Lytham St Annes tramcar. Which, since loosing my storage in January 2014, has been reconstructed from 'flat pack' on my driveway. It's recent transfer to Blackpool Heritage Trust's care for completion has left me to concentrate on my weird array of cars! Although the recent onset of arthritis in my hands has put a crimp on my DiY forays.

In 1997 I moved to Southport and married my wife.

My interests are trains, trams and buses. The buses thing come from me skiving from college during those mixed up days of deregulation, and because being a tram enthusiast is a bit limiting!

I am also a big fan of holiday camps (much maligned), and particularly the recently lost camp in Seaton, Devon. Don't get me started on Tesco's bid for world domination...

I am continually mithering my family for old family images to scan. I started with an old tin of photos that my dad leant me, the contents of which I had never seen until that point, so I assume must have come from his parents and been squirrelled away until recently - hence loads of pictures from West Yorkshire.

So to follow that I did box from my dad of my generations images, I am youngest so many from before I was born. These cover more of the globe, but still end up back in the North of England! New images I have never seen appear from time to time from my late mothers 'archive' (hah ha) and I add these occasionally.

Another set of great interest was an album kept by my dad during his time in the navy and these are being added next. (see my pictures labelled 'sm navy xxx)

I love spending hours creating new 'pools' or 'groups', usually very specific to geography or content as I find many groups on here very big - indeed too big to serve there original purpose.

Other interests often seen in my pics are my Volvo 300s, my wife's Land Rover and Triumph Spitfire are kept semi-mobile too while she is long-term poorly, and I love Christmas.

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October 2008
Bury, Lancashire
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