traveling poet, skeptical mystic, and snake oil salesman.

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    F. Swift says:

    "" a dream, a heavy fever lifted the Man lighty and swiftly into then thru the clouds. They parted ways for him as the heavens tried to draw his attention; fully aware yet unattentive the Man sought a much higher goal, a goal that one and all seek at some point in their lives, a Dream's dream, something that few hold in sight for longer than a flutter while certainly much less hold for longer than a fly. And yet this Man held his intention's true, this man soared beyond the stars and beyond the heavens then beyond the stars of the heavens and yet he still did not stop. And after forever this Man's journey began to relate itself to him and he listened, and he heard things that have been forever ancient and too quiet for human's ear to have ever heard. Still this Man tried and tried to learn. He tried and tried to see, and as he searched harder and harder, straining to hear now...what, what was calling him?" Well-it was Me,
    and after I woke his ass up,
    I made him wash the dishes.

    Lance is a world renowned Casanova who has left trails of friends from one end of the country to the other. If I had to sum up Lance in one word, it would be: Good Peoples.

    Peep the fLIckr to catch a glimpse of the reality that is Lance. Extremely anthropomorphic, he often holds conversations with objects he's photographing. This makes for Good stuff to look at.
    So NOW, GO, look at Good stuff.
    Bro I love you Man. Stay up Holmes"

    September 6th, 2006

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    Shari Moreno aka SLM says:

    "I love Robotson. Very much."

    June 14th, 2006

lance robotson
August 2005
Sisseton, SD
on the road, us
I am:
Male and Open
travelling poet
robotson media industries