I take photos of things along the way -- the little things that might be overlooked. Sometimes, these are pretty, other times they are not. It's what my artwork is about -- the hidden, the overlooked, the inside/out/upside/down.


I've recently migrated to digital for most of my photography. Basically, anything shot before 2008 will be film, unless noted otherwise (digital or polaroid).


In my mixed media pieces, the elements drive the creation. The fragility of handmade paper, the strength of metal, oils, and other objects, always provides an interesting process.


I wear a lot of hats: artist, web designer, metadata consultant, among others.


a few of my projects:


my art blog

moonshine arts magazine

movies@ youtube


To see all of my art website links, visit here


My photos are manipulation-free (as possible in the digital world) unless they are in the :

--- free for use group

--- marked thusly

--- computer generated / digital art

--- OR they are personal photos (available to family only). Those I reserve the right to crop, tweak, and make us all look a little better. ;-)


In other words, what you see is what I see.


I am also NOT the chinese digital/anime artist who in the past two years has been attempting to steal my brand.

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