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The vast majority of photographs which appear on this sight are taken for absolute pleasure and many in a haphazard way.

Since I spend most of my time going from one place to another working as a photojournalist for the spanish wire service Agencia EFE most of the images that appear here are taken on my free time during or between assignments as the image below of my dog during a walk on a Sunday afternoon:




My more serious personal work for now stays at home and has only been viewed by a few people and colleagues though I have put some examples from the past on this stream.


Abandoned farms in the Pyrenees (the color image is an exception) which was photographed all in black & white on 4x5 & 6x6 with a grant from the Ministry of Culture from the Catalan Autonomous Government :




Remnants of the Spanish Civil War and Spain's WW II defenses along the Pyrenees:


Montperdut bunker


The last farmers around Barcelona's metropolitan area:


Rustic Happiness


At the present I'm working on two documentary projects

which when they are finished I will place on a separate site linked from here.

If by any chance anyone wants to view my daily work just type in Google search:

"Robin Townsend EFE"

Numerous pages to view will appear from the principal newspapers from around the world covering sports, politics, royalty, immigration, forest fires, crime, terrorism, demonstrations, floods, accidents, theatre, music, portraits, art . . . . . and anything that appears in the media.


I'm pleased by the way people have appreciated the photos I've placed here and I thank everyone very much!!

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