I just want to travel and take photos. Please browse my photos for images to use as book covers, and inquire via riotjane@gmail.com :)

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If it wasn't for the frequent antique mall excursions my parents took me on as a child, I might be a totally different person. Even our family vacations were planned around where we could find good shops. Needless to say, I've held on to it my whole life.

Half of my work reflects the world of the vintage and forgotten. Growing up near Detroit, there was no shortage of this. Once I entered my 20's, the area provided me with the perfect balance of the Great Outdoors and city life. Mostly I found myself intrigued by the beautiful and colorful architecture of a city in neglect, and wanted to document it before it all disappeared. Sometimes I found myself too busy going through all of the materials that people had left behind and forgot that I was there with the purpose of taking photographs. I've taken a lot of slack from people because I chose to do this. This isn't exploitation. It's appreciation of something that is almost extinct. I don't deny missing my days of exploring old buildings and the rush of adrenaline that came with it.

Since I've recently moved to Long Island, New York, and have been traveling a bit more, there isn't so much decay, except for the rural variety. I have been focusing more on my nature and rural portfolios, and the subjects are endless. I look forward to spending my days capturing and sharing the beauty of my charming and unique new home.

My work has been featured in Elle Girl Korea (September 2011), Brava Magazine (June 2014), and by Madison Magazine online. It has also been published on multiple book covers in the United States and Germany.

I live in Sound Beach, New York with my partner and our two awesome cats.

Canon Rebel XTi, and Canon 7D

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    Boy_Wonder says:

    "I can't say enough about Bethany and her mad skills. She is truly an artistic voice and constantly produces quality images that are detailed and have beautiful whimsy stitched into every pixel."

    April 23rd, 2009

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    * Photos by Chris M * says:

    "I have followed Bethany's stream since the beginning of my own 365 experiment. She takes some of the most wonderful photos I have ever seen. Her photos are packed with meaning and emotion that draw you into each one.

    As she is now finishing up her own 365, I am getting sad at the fact that I might not get to see a self-portrait each day from her. But I know her passion will keep her taking photos and posting.

    So if you have not yet looked at her stream, please stop reading this and go look now."

    October 29th, 2008

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    daily pleasure says:

    "Bethany is a pure joy. Her photography captures a unique quality and reveals it in a whole new way – her style is very natural and creative. She brightens my day and I always look forward to seeing what she does next. :)"

    October 20th, 2008

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    beth retro says:

    "i love riot jane's stream of photos. it always amazes me how it just gets better and better. full of creative imagination, she comes up with fabulous ideas and puts them into practice so elegantly. needless to say, i'm a big fan!"

    August 29th, 2008

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    Stephen Poff says:

    "Always very colorful and often humorous, riot jane's photostream is a treat to visit.

    She gives you just enough info on what's going on, both visually and with her comments, that she has you begging for more. She's a lot like a soap opera in that fashion.

    She often photographs her Covers "All Stars", which is enough to make her tops in my book. I look forward to seeing much more of her photos in the future."

    February 19th, 2008

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