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"My favourite thing is to go where I've never been."

(Diane Arbus)

That about sums me up. I love exploring new places and taking my camera with me. I'm addicted to Scottish islands, especially the smaller ones, and even more especially the uninhabited ones.

I also love all forms of natural history, but am most passionate about birds, flowers and butterflies. i've given up trying to photograph birds and tend to stick to butterflies and flowers, although flowers are the easiest as they don't tend to move as much!

This is a good place to meet like-minded folk and I'm keen to add to my contacts list, so please add a comment to a photo or two! It's always encouraging to get positive feedback. A lot of my photographs are available for purchase at my web address. Feel free to browse!

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    Markie Nelson says:

    "Becky is one of those people with a natural photographic eye. In fact, most photographers have a photographic eye. Becky has two of them. I really love her facination with small Islands. It really does mean that people from around the world can appriciate this wonderful country of Scotland!"

    January 13th, 2009

July 2008
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