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(It seems that I have to write my own testimonials)

"What the hell are those two taking pictures of?"
"The sky, the trees... every f#ckin' thang!"

(anonymous testimonial from 2 people not so silently observing Scuzzi and I on the Canal St. Streetcar - New Orleans, 6/10/06)

"Oh my GOD! They're taking pictures of their FOOD!"

Some idiot in Napolean House (New Orleans) who was too much of a pussy to open and eat the crab he ordered without help. 6/10/06

"you are definitely not a chef. oh well."

I'm just a guy that likes to take pictures of things I find interesting. There are other things in my photostream besides food & gaming. But yes, I have a lot of food photos up. Yeah I get funny looks when I take food pictures. Yeah, I get a lot of shit from the people I'm with who don't understand (or care about) food blogging. Oh well. They'll deal. I have a pro account, and in the absence of trips I'm gonna use it for something :)

I recently moved to Flushing, Queens after being in exile in Long Island since 1991.

The pics here will come from the following 3 cameras:

Olympus D-510 - 2MP

Nokia 7610 phone - 1 MP (current)

Sony DSC-W1 - 5 MP (current)

By default all my pictures are open to the public. That's how I like it. Unless specifically requested to be for friends/family only, all my photos are public.

And people, leave some comments. Plaid Ninjas need love too :(

Also, some of you may have noticed that <A HREF=""Scuzzi and I have similar pictures pretty often, if not the same exact shots in our photo streams. I'm sure its not hard to figure out why this may be. Point being, that there is no competition or one-upping going on here. She's got her contacts, I have mine, sure we share a lot of contacts but that's just how it is. Anyway, just a small note in case it seemed a little weird.

PS - I say f#ck a lot. Except I spell it out the right way. Sorry.

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  • I love adobo by Plaid Ninja
  • After one week of being a father...  well, let's just say I've had less stressful weeks by Plaid Ninja
  • Origin of The Plaid Ninja by Plaid Ninja
  • Wine with cheese and crackers.... well, a cheeto on a potato chip by Plaid Ninja

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    snapshotmelly says:

    "Plaid Ninja, rocks. He has the coolest shots of New York and the food that he eats in New York. I look forward everyday to see what new photos Plaid Ninja has put up. Drink more sweetened condensed milk and you will live long and prosper"

    June 13th, 2007

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    CharlieBrown8989 says:


    Exile in Long Island in the 90's!! I never met him in my life!!

    I do thanks for having Alice to introduce him to me.

    I am very very impress with his images especially on the food & drinks.

    From here; can see that on Food & Drinks is concern, Rob is not a Ninja!! Perhaps he should be crowned as the Commando & Connoisseur.

    He is a great friend to have on the net.

    I appreciate your everything....."

    March 26th, 2006

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    Scuzzi says:

    "plaid ninja is an awesome guy, he is one of the most sweetest and funniest guys i ever met. though after his morning coffee. otherwise he is about as responsive as a brick wall. he loves taking pictures and has a good idea for shots. he jumps at every photo opp he gets, even when it gets him into trouble. but that is how he gets some of the most amazing shots. let's hope the next one won't land him on homeland security's wanted list.=P"

    August 29th, 2005

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