I'm not sure what to say here about myself. I have always had my hands in art of some type. From painting, wood working and photography. And some day hope to get back to the arts. For now I hope my friends in Flickr land enjoy my work. I've always felt if I can bring joy to someones life, that in turn makes me a happy man.


My Camera is a Nikon 2Dxs


I now own a Mamiya RZ67 Pro and I'm looking forward to using it in both landscape and portrait work.

Nikon F5

Leica D-LUX2

Canon G11


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Member of PSA, Getty Images, Fine Art America.

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local483 is a very good photographer. His camera is her companion and with it he captures parts of his world. He shows us consistently wonderful lights and colours and his sensibility tells us about a much better world we can find in his interpretations. Congratulations Roy.

June 25, 2009