I live in Chicago, and (in an on again, off again manner) post to a local reviews centered blog called "Party of One", of which copies exist on Typepad and Posterous, which mirror my Yelp reviews, and to which a small (but growing) amount of material is added.

I've started a group for users of Yelp, wherever they live, and a bloglike personal group of one on which I discuss my images and anything else that comes up in the course of my participation in Flickr. I also have a bookmarking group on which I talk about some of the work I've found on Flickr. Those who are perversely curious about such things can watch me explain my decisions as a moderator on my management journal. In addition to these journals, there are a number of pages and journals not on Flickr, which are associated with this (the page you are on, now), which you can find listed here.

If you'd like to be automatically notified of new uploads to my photostream, or when I've favorited another photo, a few options are available to you. In either case, you can join the appropriate Mybloglog community, should it and Mybloglog still be in existence, you could have e-mail notifications sent to you by Feedburner, on you could follow my updates on Twitter. When you're ready to return to your ring, should you have come to my pages from one, you may do so via Typepad or Posterous.

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