My main subjects are events at Florida State University and within the Tallahassee arts community. In terms of quantity of images, the FSU Flying High Circus is the clear winner with ~75 albums, but I also take photos at the FSU Student Life Cinema, the Golden Tribe Lecture Series, the Word of South Festival, and other events. I also take photographs for The Village Square, a local non-profit that promotes civil discourse across the political aisle. I post those photos here:


In general, I post albums on Facebook and then back them up in a higher quality form on Flickr. There are some albums which only exist on Facebook, if you care to search for them.

"Reptilelingerie"? Does that mean lingerie for reptiles...or lingerie made out of reptiles? Nope, neither exist. Think of it more as a portmanteau word from "Finnegan Wake," something that almost sounds like it makes sense. (Or perhaps it does a bit. I started my Flickr account to share photos from Dragon*Con, and it seemed like an ironic but somehow appropriate title.).


PLEASE NOTE: I will be flattered if you "favorite" my photos, but if your account and groups are of a pornographic or fetishistic nature I will block you. My subjects are my friends, and I do not want their images viewed in an inappropriate context.


Thanks for your consideration of my work.


(Materials in my Flickr gallery may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, or uploaded without my written permission. Please ask first. Thank you.)

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