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    willowballet says:

    " "Testimonial to Ekaterina Grigorieva"

    It is rare when a photographer can blend female sensuality with female innocence and create in that image the truth of ethereal beauty, the
    delicate grace of a woman's expression and pose illustrating something beyond elegance and prettiness: to illuminate the beautiful ethereal
    image that began with the pre-Raphaelite artists and continued through the photography of Julia Margaret Cameron and, even, at times was
    exemplified by the glamorous and flapper beauty photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston and Albert Arthur Allen and one female photographer of this era: Hollace M. Metzger, at least for me as humble observant.
    Ekaterina Grigorieva, with whom I was first introduced through the
    evocative and sensual "danklook" web site of fashion photography, is the newest rising photographer of current times who, I think, qualifies as
    being an alluring and provocative artist of photography (who also paints and sketches wonderful works of art) who displays the complex beauty of unique and expressive femininity found in each female model she so passionately photographs.
    I have long been an admirer and enthusiast of black and white
    photography that first began for me with landscape and cityscape early 1900's photography by such true artists of photography: Berenice Abbott, Lewis Wickes Hine, James Shaughnessy, Edward Steichen, Luke
    Swank, Francis Benjamin Johnston, the wonderful and wise library digital galleries and collections of Boston College, University of Chicago, New York Public Library, University of Pittsburgh, and the pioneering and
    inspirational photography by the American Civil War, World War I and II photographers and war correspondents who brought to such vivid and poignant focus the violence and, even, the humanity during our bloodiest and costliest of wars.
    The beauty of black and white photography, exemplified here by a
    young and very talented and promising photographer of many genres and themes, Mlle Ekaterina Grigorieva, is that by not using color film the photographer is made to express and display the beauty and reality and the wonder and magic of life by the utmost focus and attention upon the entire subject being photographed including the background, the mood, the setting, the fashion, the pose, the expression and position of the
    model, the place, the environment, the weather, the darkness, the
    shadows, the shades, the lightness, and all the grays in between. Black and white photography is so beautiful, as shown and illuminated by this wonderful photographer, because without all the shades of gray the
    photograph would not succeed in fulfilling the truth of the subject being photographed. It is the subtleties and concentrations of the endless
    shades of blacks and whites and grays that make this kind of
    photography so breathtaking to see, to envision, to imagine, to aspire, to admire, and to dream. Black and white photography, when done right, causes one to focus on so many things in the image that makes one think and meditate and ponder how it was then, what the model was
    thinking, how did such beauty of femininity and truth and grace be
    captured so magically, so wonderfully, so beautifully by the photographer and his or her camera. So many external influences have major roles in photography and especially black and white photography whether the theme is fashion, history, social commentary, architecture, femininity, female beauty, or the ethereal wonder of something I have coined:
    Ekaterina Grigorieva has envoked in me this sensual framework of
    feminine beauty and her talent and wisdom and art is evident in all her images. Her female models are all so very beautiful, the fashion
    designing, hair styling, and makeup is superb and professional and
    lovely. These fine artists help raise her already high standard of
    photography to an, even, higher level of wonder and admiration and
    beauty I can only wish Mlle Ekaterina Grigorieva the most joyous
    continued success and enthusiasm so far exhibited by her photographic art and hope she journeys far and deep into the beautiful world of fashion and model photography where her images are seen as one glances and leafs through the wondrous and beautiful pages of the exemplary fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire.

    by Fée Colleen Willow, © 2012"

    May 14th, 2012

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    CB Bråvind says:

    "I love this stream and his wonderful portraits..."

    January 2nd, 2011

Ekaterina Grigorieva
July 2008
Moscow, Russia
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