I love to share about Norway; our culture, traditions and habits - please comment or send me a note if you have any questions or want to know more!

Another passion of mine is to share my wife in our travels around in the world. We are an open, outgoing and lively couple who loves to meet locals for exciting adventures based on others experiences.

So we would love to be invited to where you live - to share.
Or even better : Please contact us if you are in our area , and we will be happy to share our traditions and passions with you!

To us it´s a Givers Gain: The more we give - the more we get!

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    Xiaozhuli says:

    "Who can tell about Norway's culture better than Renny?

    Despite being a former European, I must admit I did not know much about Nordic countries. I first met Renny though our mutual blogs, and I have been reading him for over a year.

    He captures every aspect of life in Norway and enjoy sharing with foreign readers. He is also well-traveled and displays the beauty of parts of the world we are not familiar with, such as the Arctic Circle and Russia.

    I must admit, he is a gifted photographer and a great cross-culture blogger! Always a good eye for little daily aspect of life to share, always a good eye as well for landscapes and nature.

    Keep up the good work Renny!"

    May 27th, 2009

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    Sueblimely says:

    "Renny paints a vivid picture of life in Norway on his blog and his wonderful photos bring this alive even more. He is a nice guy too :-)"

    February 16th, 2008

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    Rowers Mom says:

    "Renny is everywhere! I'm fully expecting him to show up on my doorstep any moment now...his blog and photography are tremendous! I'm blessed to have him as my friend!"

    November 27th, 2007

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    Lifecruiser says:

    "Renny takes terrific pictures. That's it.

    Just kidding, there is a lot more to it :-) He takes photos with a purpose AND tell us all about the circumstances (well, maybe not ALL, but almost ;-).

    I've enjoyed his blog even more for a long time now and never get disappointed of his well written blog posts and excellent photos describing the beautiful Norway - and other places he goes to.

    He is a real networking freak, connecting to all bloggers with the most friendliest and interesting comments, making the contact really worthy :-)

    No wonder he was among the first ones to be accepted as an A-Team Cruiser at the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise!

    We've had a lot of fun together and are planning to keep it that way :-P"

    June 10th, 2007

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    tydyd1 says:

    "I am delighted to have 'met' Renny in the blogosphere. He has so many interesting things to share about Norway and his enthusiasm is contagious! I've learned a lot of terrific things about his home and culture and just love the pictures he shares. I still can't believe most of them come from a camera phone! What an intelligent, fun, and warm friend he is."

    March 27th, 2007

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    amesweet02 says:

    "Hi Renny!

    We are connected everywhere,LOL!Im glad that you added me here as one of your friends online.And I`m happy to have a friend like you who lives in a far but beautiul country. :)

    Please keep up your good works,cyber and real life.


    September 26th, 2006

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