Most people think i'm as good as gold. I'm generally a by-the-book, law-abiding model citizen, but every once in a while i like to break a rule or three. Skinny dipping? Done it. Had a drink too many now and then? Guilty as charged. But chances are that's pretty much the worst of it. We all have a few skeletons in our closet, but when it comes right down to it, i'm a nice person. I wouldn't dream of making a serious play for my best friend's squeeze, and i always pay my traffic fines speeding and parking tickets. It's a good balance. If everyone likes me, the world would be a happier place...

I, more than others, have a fairy tale fantasy of how things should be. Ever since i was a kid, i've dreamed of the perfect wedding, coming home to a white picket fence, dog, and 2.2 kids (how does that work, anyway?). When someone asks me what kind of girl i'm looking for, i don't skip a beat: i'm likely to have a handy checklist that details my perfect partner. Hair and eye color, height, religion, education, career, interests, the list goes on.

While it's great to have standards, Hey, i think i shouldn't have to settle. After all there's one slight glitch in my master plan: No one has made the grade in real life. At least not yet. Next time, i'm out with someone, keep myself from mentally checking that list, and give love - and others - a chance. That special someone i've written off may be perfect for me after all...

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Rennan Yerro
August 2009
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Male and Single