Reg Mastice III


Gastric and psychedelic illustrator.

He preferably drinks vermouth and tonic water. He has got a blind cat named Chesterton and a goldfish whose name is Hoepli. He drives a green and reddish purple '65 Ford Camaro with a dent on the right side. He is interested in rock, surf and esoteric doctrines. He cooperates with the writer Emanuele Kraushaar and the magazine Metromorfosi. He has worked in the underground for decades, producing placards for concerts, cartoon strips and record covers. He was born in 1981. Among the things he loves illustrating are: rows of teeth, skulls and tangles. Among the things he hates illustrating are: explosions, orchards and sea waves. He is convinced that "Bringing all back home” by Markus Lansky is, inexplicably, the best album in rock history, followed by the debut album of Peppermint Trolley Company. He loves blue velvet, petrol smell and plastic flowers. His future plans include a cocktail recipe book illustrated with psychometric plates and a trip to Luray Caverns in Virginia.


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...and in the best, dark and wet english pubs between Rimini and Bologna.

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