Hi folks, we are Bill and Emm. All pictures here were taken by us or are pictures of us taken by others. We have been gradually moving a lot of pictures behind the curtain to our friends or family section. We don't like to presume that you want to be added as friend or friend /family so we seldom add people unless they indicate they want to be added. You do not need adult content to be added as Friends/Family. What we do look for is that you are active uploading your own material. Some obviously public domain pictures are ok but we are looking for real people that respect copyrights. We will check your profile photo stream, groups, and favorites prior to adding you. We put a lot of effort into our page and the more effort you put into your page the more likely we are to add you. IF YOU ARE A COLECTOR OR PRIMARLY POST MATERIAL THAT IS NOT YOURS WE WILL MOST LIKELY BLOCK YOU.
We use Friend for mild adult material and family for more erotic material. You have to let us know what level you want to be added at. If you rely on us to presume we will most likely add you at the level you added us.
To be on our F/F list--
If you have posted none or only a handful of pictures or only a handful of pictures per year we will most likely not be adding you. We try not to have a bunch of rules and try not to block but there are some out there that require blocking or not adding.

We like to feel that we are friends with people on our f/f so we are a bit picky and check people out as best we can first. There are no hard and fast rules but this is what we generally look for.

We do a number of events so if you see a picture with yourself in it feel free to ask for a high resolution copy. Otherwise you do not have permission to copy any of the images without express permission. When we find pictures of us taken by others we like to add them to our stream but always try to identify the originator.

This is our redundant storage so pictures of every form will be found here as well as similar images.

If we find pictures of our contacts on your page we will report it. If we find our pictures on your page we will report it.

One last thing, if you bring your politics here or post it all over your page we will ignore or block you and will certainly not add you. <------ Did you catch that? Clever or funny is one thing. Sarcastic or hateful is another. If you seem arrogant or obnoxious, (you know who you are) we will not add you. Were here to have fun.

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It's a beautiful world out there and there is so much to see here on FLICKER. Everything from beautiful and interesting people and cultures to the far off places of the world that I will never see in person.

We welcome comments, favorites, notes and tags. Just be respectful and don't be creepy. (You know the guy)

If you have rules and we missed them, sorry. We play nice and don't mean to step on anyone's toes. Just that some people have a lot of rules and it's hard to always remember who wants what. Sometimes we may not add a person because they have too many rules or are insulting or arrogant in their profile or comments.

If we don't add you right away we may just be getting comfortable with you. It's not a rejection. Have patience or drop us a line.

We try hard not to block but If your a collector and your stream is full of other peoples pics or are creepy, we will probably block you

Thanks for stopping by.
Bill and Emm

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    sretour1 says:

    "ein sehr schönes Profil"

    September 24th, 2018

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    Too smart for her own good says:

    "Bill and Emm look like they have such a sense of real life fun. They travel a lot, take great pictures, enjoy each other's company (and others) and look like they would be a lot of fun to know in person. I am now adding "go to a mermaid parade" to my bucket list.

    Thanks for friending me.. if I'm ever up for Ho Bowling, I'll drop by!


    August 27th, 2018

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    Sympleemaster and Mrs says:

    "One of the first couples we came across on Flickr and Emm is still one of our favs and one of the hottest women on Flickr!!"

    August 20th, 2018

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    longislandcouple353 says:

    "stunning and amazing pics, we both bi and love to meet up and make lovee xox"

    May 15th, 2018

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    davemichael2 says:

    "Its wonderful to see the artistic talents of people like Bill and Emm who thoroughly enjoy life."

    April 12th, 2018

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    canamcpl2003 says:

    "I am sure if I knew Bill and Emm in the realm of the real world we would be best friends. Bill is a sincere, artistic, and well articulated person who seems to be also very patient and kind. Emm seems to have a zest for life, be spontaneous, and knows how to walk into any arena and take charge. How can you not love the both of them."

    November 12th, 2017

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    tfortnight says:

    "Bill and Emm add a wonderful genuineness to the web. I am consistently affected by their photos, whether it's amused, confused, or aroused. They somehow bring creativity to a wide range of subjects. Bill and Emm are the type of people I'd like to hang out with, and that's the highest compliment I can pay. Thanks."

    November 6th, 2017

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    gentleman281 says:

    "hello Bill and Emm

    wonderful pix. collection , your are the best, enjoy your life.

    best regards"

    August 13th, 2017

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