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Randoms about me ;
Creative , love activities , at the same time i love a quite time , first class day dreamer & i have loved photography for as long as i can remember.

Personal information
Birthday : April 25th 1990
Study : Civil Engineering
Hobbies : Photography, writing, sketching, Dancing, oil Painting, Outdoor activities, Fashion Designing, art in general.

I Love my country Kuwait so much , it is the best country ever.

My photos represents what i'm seeing & feeling, it's as simple as that
My Ideas Just click into my head, at any time in any place & i'd have to write them down to be sure not to forget them, mostly they pop at the wierdest time like while i'm studying! at least they do =P

© Reem eng
All photographs and images are the property of Reem eng. Permission is required to copy, download or use any photographs or image files.

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    jackn888 says:

    "In her photos they paint a sweet young lady full of youth, bright outlook and a cheerful person! She photographs simple things and made them look so yummy and interesting! They are full of surprises, innocence and just fun! Keep up with your nice photography! And thank you soooooo much for your on-going support my dear! xo"

    December 11th, 2010

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    Cherry Addict says:

    "Reem sweetheart, you are one hell of an artist (Mashalla)
    I'm soooo impressed .. really, ur soo creative mashalla 3aleech, ur work is just too cute and very original.
    I love how u express ur feeling through ur photos ... not anyone can do that so amazed with ur abilities! and I really really admire you!! i just Adore ur work .. u do it with such emotion and talent

    keep up the good work hon, I'm supporting you all the way :''D"

    April 26th, 2010

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    B u t t e r F l y. says:

    "Reem eng '

    I instantly felt in LOVE with your
    stream , I really like every single
    picture u take
    l just can't stop faving your things

    Wish you all the best and i want
    you to know that you . .
    are a wonderful photographer
    who makes everyone's day by
    her sweet photography ♥

    With alots of love :
    S u r i ..."

    March 18th, 2010

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    J o y [ deleted ] says:

    "Reem eng

    she's an amazin photographer ! totally a professional.. i really love her shots they're beautiful and creative.. and as a person.. i consider her as a great friend..

    good luck reemaaaaa in everythin ♥"

    March 3rd, 2010

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    Fajer's Art says:

    "We have a beautiful memories in arts class 2007 .. this 4 now & will be edit soon .. BRB

    god bless you =")"

    April 5th, 2009

Reem AA
January 2009
Kuwait city, Kuwait
I am:
Female and Single