Fine art photographer in love with fairy tales and the old times.

Based in Frankfurt, Germany.

I started taking pictures back in 2010 and since then have been featured in various magazines and blogs such as Italian PhotoVogue, Pony Anarchy Magazine, Zeum Magazine, Ballad Of Magazine, Kwerfeldein Magazine or The Atomy Blog for example.

Believing in art as a way to light up our lives I mean to enable access to a vibrant, beautiful and enchanting world.

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

For any possible question please write to:

portfolio - facebook - italian vogue portfolio

All images © Marina Refur

Previously featured in:

PONY ANARCHY Magazine (cover)
BALLAD OF Magazine

LIFE PLUS Magazine (Cover)
ZEUM Magazine
AMELIA Magazine
21GRAMS Magazine

APRICOT Magazine (Cover)

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    Savina Gost says:

    "I like the way Marina´s pictures can capture so well the self exploration, I can feel identify with it and her magical selfportraits. She has the most interesting concepts and the colors and tones she achieved in her pictures are so beautiful! It´s a true joy to discover trough her amazing stream, the artist she is becoming day by day."

    13th June, 2011

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    lostinagoodway says:

    "Marina ... with the same interest and passion in photography we both started to shoot seriously back in 2010. So look where we are now! Way beyond a beginner she takes self-portraits with a magic wibe. When I think about her photography I see a mix between white and red colors. It's not easy to take hundreds of different pictures of yourself. Marina does it playful! Imagine what will happen the day she decides to shoot other people as well.

    wenn man vor lauter Leben das Sterben vergisst - lostinagoodway"

    9th May, 2011

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    a bird flies by says:

    "ihre fotos sind wie wertvolle geschenke. sie sind bedacht und einzigartig.
    mir fallen viele worte zu ihrer fotografie ein. verletzlich, gedankenvoll, zerbrechlich, magisch, lebend, pulsierend und noch viele mehr.
    diese fotos macht sie mit einer unglaublichen leidenschaft, mit den wundervollsten gedanken und ideen die in ihrem kopf schweben. ich liebe es ihren prozess der fotografie mitzuverfolgen und zu sehen, wie sie immer besser wird.
    sie ist nicht nur eine grossartig aufstrebende fotografin sondern auch ein ganz wunderbarer mensch."

    9th February, 2011

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    leslie.june says:

    "She may just be a beginner, but redredhead is a beautifully talented photographer and I love her work. Every time she uploads something, it is obviously a new, rejuvenated image of her style! She always progresses and I love to watch her shine through photography.


    5th November, 2010

March 2010
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