In the beginning, the Perry's created baby Rebecca. She was very cute, but didn't do very much. She stayed up all night and began to want to know everything...


The staying up all night and wanting to know everything haven't changed (I know lots now too), but I do lots of interesting things as well now. And most people call me Becky.


graphic design : illustration : typography : music : writing : fashion : craft


I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer who has decided design is not just a job, not even just a career, but a life choice.


I am always available for freelance work and interested in collaborating and contributing to creative projects. Creative opportunities are around and plentiful- and I want in!


I use Flickr for miscellaneous bits and pieces, personal projects, greetings card designs and quick illustrations, and as an archive of work going back to my degree.


For my more serious and/or commercial work including branding and logo design, brochure and literature design, web design and more, please take a look at my website


In addition there's more work ( and you can like me) on Facebook


I've also added my ancient film and animation efforts to YouTube


And finally, follow me on Twitter @rperrydesign if you so desire!

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  • JoinedMay 2007
  • OccupationGraphic Designer
  • Current cityManchester
  • CountryUK


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