Living on the south side of Chicago. Into bicycles, trains, cities, architecture, planning, neighborhoods, history, historic preservation, sustainability, politics, computers, food, beer... All views my own.

The heart of my photostream is my collection of Chicago photos, documenting all of the city's 77 official Community Areas. For every photo of Chicago that I currently have up on Flickr, I have about three more that I have not yet posted.

Photographic interests: I take lots of photos of buildings and places, documenting the urban fabric wherever I am. But I'm not above vacation snaps, and I have enjoyed starting to use Instagram - those photos are here too. I've also branched out into candid event and street photography with more regularity, and better and better results.

Permission to use photos: If you want to use my photos for something, the answer is usually yes, but I do appreciate being asked. Nearly all photos are released under a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike license, meaning you're free to do most anything with them, but if you're going to make money on them, you need special permission. It makes me happy to see my photos get used, so don't hesitate to ask. High resolution versions of newer photos are already up on Flickr (ask me how to download them if you don't know), and I can usually get originals of older photos out of my archives. I ask to be credited as Eric Allix Rogers. If you want to inquire, please email me at

Freelance projects: I have done several freelance photo projects. If you like my photos and have a need for a specific body of work or shots of specific places or subjects, please also contact me at

Equipment: After years of shooting with my trusty Nikon D40, I have upgraded to a D5100, which delivers amazing low-light performance. I usually use an 18-200mm zoom lens, although I also have a fast 50mm lens that's ideal for portraits and event photography. I also don't shy away from iPhone photography if it's the most convenient option.

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    stevo750 says:

    "Eric's expert documentings of the neighbourhoods of Chicago are excellent (when he gets off his bike for long enough to take the shots) with his passion for history coming through strongly in his explanations. My eyes have been opened to aspects of a world city seldom seen by the busy tourist.

    I've only met Eric in this brittle Flickrworld, but I know he's a cool guy, with a great sense of humour. Keep the shots coming, mate!"

    September 13th, 2008

Eric Allix Rogers
May 2008
Chicago, USA
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