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    Homemade says:

    "photos to aspire to"

    22nd September, 2009

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    magnusvk says:

    "razorbern is probably my favorite photographer in all of Flickr. He brings a unique perspective to any photograph. What is most amazing to me is the diversity in his style: he combines some of the most stunning architectural shots I have seen, many of them quite abstract, with a portfolio of some of my very favorite, warm and personal portraits. He has been quite an inspiration to me and any aspiring photographer would profit from observing his work."

    3rd June, 2009

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    Otherground says:

    "I want to be him when I grow up."

    24th July, 2009

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    colur says:

    "I was around film photography for a number of years but when I got into digital SLR shooting I was pretty green. Bernie really taught me a lot about shooting digital and a great deal of insight about processing images to make them look better but beyond that it has been very inspiring to go shooting with him to lean new ideas of composition or looking at “regular” things in a whole new way through the lens. I got the chance to travel to Japan with Bernie to shoot for a couple of weeks recently and it was great to hang out and shoot with someone as dedicated to photography as he is and yet have a very light hearted time making the whole experience pure fun. I will look forward to the next shooting trip in another far-off land soon or right here at home."

    30th June, 2008

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    thomasexicting says:

    "Sometimes in complexity, there is an elegant geometry or an unfocused memory. Here, he has outlined and focused what we cannot daily perceive."

    21st May, 2008

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    Zioluc says:

    "I like almost every photo that this monkey shares on flickr. One of my 2-3 most favourites here. His images are elegant and witty. I really would like to meet him someday. A pink star on him!"

    5th April, 2008

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    tazebao says:

    "So much to learn scrolling this series.
    Razorbern is definitely among my 3 best flickerites."

    9th February, 2008

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    .bn. says:

    "Photography at its finest. Can't say more, i don't seem to find the right adjective to describe this."

    28th June, 2007

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    SeenyaRita says:

    "One of my favorite photographers on flickr."

    5th June, 2007

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    rantfoil says:

    "For years, Bernie has been a tremendous influence on me in both the world of design and photography. His works speak for themselves, demonstrating his clear mastery of light, form, contrast, composition and focus. Often imitated but never duplicated, Bernie serves as a great inspiration and is constantly breaking new ground with his vision and originality."

    4th June, 2007

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    ron.kurti says:

    "If only there was a little check-box in my contacts list to [x] AUTOMATICALLY ADD ANYTHING THIS CONTACT UPLOADS TO MY FAVORITES. That would save me a lot of time clicking the little star next to razorbern's photos. Always Inspiring. Always Mesmerizing."

    14th May, 2007

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    Ivone Lopes says:

    "Grande fotografo. Bonita alma. Bem vindo a este planeta. Pessoas como Bernie fazem este mundo ficar melhor.
    Great photographer, beautiful soul. welcome to this planet. People like Bernie make the world better. : )"

    9th March, 2007

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    P e c says:

    "he's just an amazing photographer !"

    15th February, 2007

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    Tattva73 says:

    "oh god, i want to favorite them all"

    27th January, 2007

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    regardless says:

    "mr bernie dechant is far and away my favourite and imho the best photographer in flickr.

    through his photostream he has given me something very precious - a focused and absolute target, i.e. to one day be as good as he is. remote and impossible perhaps but we all need dreams right?

    thank u bernie for sharing your vision with us mere mortals =)"

    22nd September, 2006

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    Ispha says:

    "Do you speak french ? Chez Razorbern les photos sont parfaites. J'ai adoré aller visiter son site internet. Il a beaucoup de talent est j'espère un jour maîtriser cet art comme lui ! Merci"

    8th September, 2006

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    peter_panamint says:

    "He is one of the most talented people around flickr. My favourite."

    27th August, 2006

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    Wall Revolution says:

    "I often think about razorbern's photos when I take photos (especially the geometric ones)."

    8th July, 2006

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    helveticaneue says:

    "he's good. really good.

    but I get the suspicion he is faking the raisin now and again."

    13th June, 2006

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    tschnitzlein says:

    "Razorbern's possesses an extremely rare combination of skills: Here's a photographer who produces truly breathtaking black and white pictures of architecture and city life. Yet, at the same time he has an eye to take very lively and well-captured people shots. And as if that weren't enough, this man also has an eye for beautiful color combinations in people and landscape photography.

    Check out Razorbern's stream - you're in for some beautiful discoveries."

    31st May, 2006

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    bitmapr says:

    "razorbern understands grand scale and visual austerity. put together, his architectural photos are explosive."

    2nd April, 2006

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    monkeyc.net says:

    "Great work, wonderful images and a great eye for what makes an image work.

    I just love looking at your images in my contacts stream - theyre always interesting and fun."

    13th December, 2005

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    Jorge Alberto Mendoza Mariscal says:

    "super fotografo exelente trabajo
    (great work)"

    28th November, 2005

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    fantasmic says:

    "Razorbern has an astounding eye for what makes a good picture. He has a clear talent for color photography, as most of his photos are brightly lit and rich with hues. He also is able to show us how beautiful and complex modern day industrial architecture and design can be. A wonderful artist with a wonderful vision."

    26th July, 2005

Bernie DeChant
October 2004
Racine, WI
I am:
Designer, Photographer