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Not much to tell.. or rather TOO much to tell that it becomes difficult.. so..
I am Dutch part Indonesian. Married to Anita, who is from Finland. We both live & work in Edinburgh, Scotland. Still trying to find a style.. any style that I'll be good at, or perhaps that is my thing, I do it all but, not always the best.. I don't need to be the best, I just want be able to do it :o)
And perhaps find a lifestyle that doesn't require me to be in it..
I am counter intuitive although frequently captivated by sheer beauty (and I find alot of things beautiful)

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My motto: "Reality is in fact Virtual"

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I recently lost my wedding ring and I am trying to raise funds to replace that. if you'd like to help me please give a few pounds, euro or dollars?

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March 2006
Edinburgh, Ecosse
I am:
Male and Taken
Software Analyst