The great majority of my photos are released under a Creative Commons license (typically Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike.) Please respect this. As for how you attribute the work to me, please mention my name "Pete Prodoehl" and if possible link to either my Flickr Profile: or my blog: If you are interested in negotiating another license for any of my work, please contact me. If you use my work in violation of the license (ie: commercially, or without attribution) you may be invoiced for usage.



I like to create media... music, art, film, photography. I like design, and images, and words, and sound. I'm the VP of Interactive Media at Z2 Marketing, doing work I love, with great people, and I also own a web development and hosting company.


Besides all that, I was one of the first bloggers (and still going over 13 years later) and one of the first podcasters, who also wrote a podcasting client, and I also did videoblogging in the somewhat early days, and before all that I used to publish zines made out of paper.


Lately I've been doing things like Web414 and organizing BarCamps, and helping at Bucketworks, and helped organized PhotoCampMilwaukee, and there's always MilwaukeeDevHouse...

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Pete rocks.

August 18, 2008