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point and shoot dude


way up there


Interview by Scott Towne;




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“If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.” ― Jim Rohn




Turning Point by Mel Stoutsenberger | BOOK INFO


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Sewer Sliding SoCal


BMX Society Reunion and Show 2010 from Shane QZP on Vimeo.


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Image capturing devices:


Minolta SRT 201

Minolta X 570

Canon Rebel

Canon 5D

Canon AE1

Nikkormat EL

Nikon D80

Nikon D700

Fuji X E-2

Nikon Coolscan V ED


Post processing:


Photoshop CC 2019

Adobe Camera RAW

Adobe Lightroom CC



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He's really good! Very Proffessional and Creative! It's really nice to enjoy that great images! Continue working like that! Congratulations!

April 24, 2009
brycetron says:

His images are litterally breathtaking. Rappensuncle has the ability to capture air, cloulds, light, and give them mass, power, and meaning. I find myself staring at his images longer than just about any other. Thanks for the moving work.

October 25, 2007