Road racing is the toughest and most beautiful sport in the world. It makes enormous physical and psychological demands on road riders. They need clothing that is as well designed as their titanium or carbon fibre road bike.


Rapha products bring new standards of design to cycling clothing. They have been conceived by road riders, working with leading technical sportswear designers. Every detail has been developed with the rider in mind. Every material has been chosen because it is the best in the world at its job.

Road riders should not have to compromise between performance and style. So Rapha performance roadwear goes beyond simple function. Pared down styling, a tailored fit and quality construction make every product beautiful to wear and a pleasure to own.


Road racing requires stamina, strength, mental focus and fortitude. But the rewards are huge and grow the more effort you put into it.

More and more men are discovering that riding a road bike can be the perfect counterpoint to our cosseted and quick-fix modern lives. We’ve become so used to instant gratification and sanitised pleasure that we have forgotten that the greatest highs come from the deepest lows, that there is a unique satisfaction from applying yourself totally, then seeing the results. From pain comes pleasure.

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Rapha Performance Roadwear
February 2008
London, UK
Premium cycle clothing manufacturer
RAPHA Performance Roadwear