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Self Portrait

Man Tracker

I picked up my first DSLR in October of 2008 and have been busy enjoying photography ever since. Before that I had a point and shoot but I rarely pointed it and shot it even less. I could have nick named it "Dusty".

I bought a Rebel XSi because I had discovered HDR wallpaper and was amazed by it. The guy at the camera store put a Rebel in my hands because it could bracket and the Nikon with the closest price couldn't. So I went Canon for that reason alone. I'm not a Canon snob. I'd like to try Nikon but now that I have more lenses I'm sort of locked into the family.

Frozen Vista

One good thing about my tabletop work is it really forces you to learn and understand lighting. I don't take set up shots or keep notes because this forces me to rethink each shot instead of memorizing set ups all the time. It is also great for coming up with new ideas and approaches.

Mortar & Pestle

On my blog you can purchase my work in larger versions without watermarks:


Look for the link in the top part of the column on the right.

Nowadays I do mostly Model Shoots. I don't have a web page because a Photo Blog makes more sense. I can update it regularly with my latest work. Static sites just sit and get stale.

Here's a link to my Tumblr PB:



I figure it's time I updated my profile so here it is:

This is my life (so far) in a nutshell.

My mother died when I was 10 years old. After that I was more or less on my own and had to raise myself. I finished school early and joined a road band. As an extreme autodidact I taught myself to play drums as I have taught myself all my other life skills. I toured Canada and some of the USA professionally until I turned 24. This is where I learned that less is more (by living out of a suitcase).

I got tired of seeing the same cities over and over so I bought a bike, flysheet and a bedroll. I visited every city in Canada almost over the next 5 years and lots of the USA. I've lived under bridges, in ghost towns, in trees, under trees :-), on beaches and even dug out snowbanks. I always had a YMCA card so I could SSS (Sh*t, shower and shave) in style. I'm a master camper and a retired mountain man – too old for all that now.

I had saved enough to buy a house by my 30th birthday so I did and I moved indoors.

I tried living like everybody else but it Sucks :-) (Sorry everybody else). I still managed to do enough things right that I could retire at age 47. I ain't rich but I is happy :-) That's what counts – right?

What else have I done in my life?

I am or was

a) a Toastmaster
b) a Martial artist
c) a Musician
d) a Registered Nutritional Consultant (RNC)
e) an Iridologist
f) an Herbalist
g) a Public Speaker
h) a Mountain Man
i) a Tour Bus Operator
j) a Business Owner
k) a Landlord
l) a Rosicrucian
m) a Kayak/Canoeist
n) a Motorcyclist
o) a Philanthropist
p) a Taxi Driver
q) and now I'm trying to be a Photographer

I should mention that in spite of my unusual and nomadic past I am quite housebroken.


Sorry if I don't respond to comments and posts like I used to but here's why…

I used to be a Flickr addict spending way way WAY too much time socially interacting to the point it became a burden rather than a pleasure. Nowadays I post and run rarely looking at the post or comments of my contacts. I enjoy my newly freed up time and don't want to go back to sitting in front of the computer as much. I can do that later when my legs or health goes on me and I can't get out as much. Right now I'm out shooting as it should be.



My Toys that I play with:

5D Mark II, Canon 17-40L, Canon 24-105L, Canon 135L Prime, Canon 70 - 300 lens, Canon 50mm 1.8, Canon Macro 100mm, four AlB400's, ABR800, AB1600, AB800, 430EX II, (2) 580EX II, a bunch of Chinese modifiers, Manfrotto tripod.


I just blew my savings on a 5D Mk II on May 18th, 2010.


Large $$$, at least for me.

Being a Canadian we get stung for anything we buy electronic so I bought this beast from B&H in New York. UPS delivered it (EXPEDITED), and it took 9 DAYS. 9 DAYS EXPEDiTED!!! Yeah, that's real expedited. I ended up saving about $460 off the Henry's price.

Now I just have to learn how to use it. It's one heck of a change from my Rebel - that's for sure.

Would I do it again? I think so… even if it means eating KD for a year or two to get some bucks back into the bank account.

Damn photography is expensive!

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    CB 357 says:

    "It would be an understatement to call Randi a great photographer, and almost slightly trite, as he is a true artiste in all sense of the word ... his creativity, and sublime control of light, is inspirational.

    I feel that some of his images should carry a warning such as - "This was done by a trained professional, so please don't try this at home" ;-)

    I would urge you to have a good look at what Randi can do with such simple objects, and then effortlessly morph them into masterpieces ... you'll be as inspired as I am !"

    November 28th, 2009

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    Radiant Light Photography says:

    "Not only is Randy a true master in photography, he is a true master in motivation, inpiration and encouragement. He will find the best in a person's work and focus on that.
    The clean, crisp, perfectionist style you can see in his table top photography is absolutely amazing and his lighting techniques are stunning. What I think is Randi's driving force in life is his creativity and his desire to share this beauty with other people.
    Randi will always find or make the time to comment on his contact's photos, very often leaving him to be the only one commenting, leaving the person some words of encouragement or praise.
    Thank you my friend, it is really a great pleasure to know you."

    September 2nd, 2009

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    Ting Hay says:

    "Randi is a wonderful flickr friend and... yes, he's a great photographer too :))) He's creativity is amazing and he's so generous that he'll be gladly sharing his tutorial to his friends..
    I love the way Randi see and capture interesting things in life, he's also very good in composition & lighting.
    Thank you, Randi.. Thank you for everything.. I am so glad we're flickr met. Wish you all the best! Ting (July'09)"

    July 12th, 2009

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    SarPalmares says:

    "I am sooo glad to have met such a person with a very impressive talent and skills! I am sure to learn a lot from his online tutorial and photos. Salute!!!"

    June 20th, 2009

Randi Scott
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