I started shooting film after finding my dad's old film camera - an 80s Nikon automatic SLR. In high school I took classes on photography, focused on film processing and digital manipulation. I started collecting a variety of cameras without knowing much about them, and tried a lot of different film techniques - but never shared my work. After my high school's darkroom was torn down and I graduated, I didn't work on anything for over a year and a half. Early in 2018 I set out create a body of work I want to share with the world, and started to sell the cameras I'd haplessly collected to replace them with more useful tools for the style I aspired to create.

I mostly shoot 35mm, but I've recently gotten an appreciation for medium format and the occasional digital. Although I used to shun them, I use mostly a Leica M nowadays, but my Kiev Contax, Topcon RE, and Minolta 7000 are my babies. For digital I use a Leica M9 and a Ricoh GRD. I tend to shoot cameras that are somewhat quirky, the underdogs, or just plain weird. I'm partial to Lomography as well as they were a huge part of my early photographic journey, and I carry the tiny LC-A with my almost everywhere I go.

I'm inspired heavily by early street photography and the work of Vivian Maier, Nancy Rexroth, and of course Henri Cartier-Bresson, although I don't model my work after them.

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