I am not a professional photographer, but just an amateur (so, please, be tolerant); usually I make my shots using automatic settings.

I live in Russia in St. Petersburg, which is, to my — and not only mine — mind, one of the magnificent cities all over the world. I would like to show you our country and my home city, so if you are interested in it — you are always welcome! Moreover this I love to travel, and during my trips I’m making photos too.

I would be grateful for your comments; I speak English, Polish, Russian and Spanish (a little bit).


Smoljnyj cathedral


Dear friends,


St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities of the world; an object of the World Heritage (UNESCO). However the City Government plans to built a 300-meters Gazprom skyscraper behind the Smoljnyj Cathedral, one of the pearls of our city. You can see how it will be looks like here: gazprom-city.spb.ru/index.php?16+11.


Most part of St. Petersburg’s citizens doesn’t like this idea, but our City Government doesn’t care about this. Maybe it will listen to the opinions of foreigners?


I’d like to ask you help us to save our city. Here is an address of the Russian President, Mr. Dmitry Medvedev official website. Please, tell him you are against this ugly building! Help us, please! Save our city! www.kremlin.ru/eng/articles/send_letter_Eng1a.shtml


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Damp Tooth (deleted)

Rosja na Twoich fotografiach jest piękna. Mam nadzieję, że nadal będziesz prezentować jest piękno.

October 2, 2007