I love shooting people.....that is why I need a space to display the bodies......ooops...the photos.


Just kidding... I love people. I like to see them staying healthy, spirited, and creative so I can photograph them forever, or until I am too old to hold a camera steadily. I am always amazed how humans, other animals, or plants manifest their 'not an usual day' beauties. Many people in the traditionally serious professions such as lawyers, teachers, accountants, porn stars, spies, and/or rocket scientists do need a parade, costume event, concert or belly dance to show their fun side. It is my intention to capture their 'alternative states of conscious' and share with you.


If you like my photos or you have an idea about a parade, dance, show, or any fun topics that you feel that I should cover, let me know. If you thought of an event that I should be kept out, speak to my hand.


Some of my photos are controversial, or in Flickr term 'moderate' in nature. You need to turn off your Safesearch in order to see them.


Feedbacks make me stronger. Constant flow of information, like a river or blood stream, ensures my constant flow of photos to entertain you. I welcome any comments.


Have a nice day.


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