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Alyssa - NYC

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Vera Pashkevich - Olympia, WA, USA

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Carrie Musgrave |

Carrie Musgrave

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Jonny Leather

Jonny Leather

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Kathryn Yu

Kathryn Yu - New York, NY, USA

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Kyle Dean Reinford

Kyle Reinford

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Leia Jospe

Leia Jospe - Brooklyn

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laura hanifin

Laura Hanifin

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Live' N Loud Magazine

Montreal, Canada

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Musée McCord Museum


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Natasha Ryan

Natasha Ryan - New York, USA

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Nationaal Archief

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Royal Museums Greenwich

Greenwich, United Kingdom

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National Science and Media Museum

National Science and Media Museum - UK

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New York Public Library

New York Public Library

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Powerhouse Museum Collection

Powerhouse Museum - Sydney, Australia

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Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution - United States

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SPIN Magazine

Spin Magazine - USA

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State Library of New South Wales collection

State Library of New South Wales - Australia

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Rebecca Smeyne - Brooklyn, United States

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The Cigar Inn

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The Library of Congress

Washington, DC, United States

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