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If I took a photo of you and you would like to use it then yes, go on right on ahead. I mean, I stole your soul with my camera machine... it's the least I can do. However, it would be very much appreciated if you give me photo credits by saying the photo was by Raquel Van Nice.

If you want a photo of yourself taken down, I can do that as well.

Also please feel free to say hello or add me as a contact.

Things of interest: Day of the Dead, Catholic-Christian Kitsch, damsels in distress, anatomy charts, taxidermy, craftiness, beer, adbusting, gender fucking, glam, tattoos, cuckoo clocks, gin grins and whiskey woes, karaoke, "camp", theatrics, owls and all other feathered friends,film noir, avocados, social hierarchies of the scene, careless whispers, damask, instructional videos, roller derby, commodity culture, burrito snobbery, besos, post modernism, burlesque, knee socks, vintage hats, bows and lace, bruises, robots, your back seat, pinatas, art deco, meat in the raw, duck ponds, modern midcentury interior design, mod culture, baked goods, sexual deviancies, sarcasm, fairy tales, costumes.

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Raquel Van Nice
October 2005
San Diego
I am:
Art Director