Please read the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license and consider the added freedoms I've described below before asking for permission to use my photos. You probably already have permission. Instead, just let me know what you've done with it, if you feel like it. Nina Paley put it well on her blog (and I've written about it, too): "yes means yes".


Even though all of my licenses use "Share Alike" (which technically restricts you to using that very same license), you have permission to use any other Creative Commons license so long as it includes either "No Derivatives" or "Share Alike". For the sake of clarity, this means any of the following licenses:







I'm not comfortable with the possibility of a derivative of a derivative work being locked down by full copyright (please don't contact me to ask, the answer will almost certainly be "no"), but you have permission to use any of the licenses above for derivative works, instead of my Attribution-Share Alike license, if you prefer.




Ever since I started taking pictures every day two years ago, my main Flickr account has quickly exploded to over 37,000 photos. My husband has quite astutely pointed out that it makes for somewhat difficult navigation for anyone other than me. I'm still adding to the other account-- a daily, often lengthy visual stream-of-consciousness-- but this abbreviated account plays the role of a portfolio of sorts.


I'm adding to this account once a week, on a two-month time delay.


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