I'm a code artist and a skeptic with a curious mind. My interests are manifold and in constant evolution, involving glitch art, data visualization or robotic installations. If there is one common denominator it's my desire to understand, question and subvert the inner workings of systems of any kind.

Since I taught myself programming 30 years ago I have been trying to create algorithms that are able to surprise and to show almost autonomous creative behavior. The recent advancements in artificial intelligence, deep learning and data anaysis make me confident that in the near future "machine artists" will be able to create more interesting work than humans.

At the moment I am helping institutions like the British Library or the New York Public Library with the processing and classification of their vast digital archives since I believe that my future creative agents will require a solid foundation of human knowledge to build upon.

I live in Munich, Germany where together with my girlfriend Alexandra Lukaschewitz I also run a space called Dog & Pony which is something between a Wunderkammer and a gallery.

I have been speaking on conferences around the world for more than 10 years, my works have been shown at the Centre Pompidou Paris, the British Library London and the Museum of Modern Art New York.

I am the author of Peacock, a node-based visual laboratory which was part of the flock of creative tools at aviary.com which unfortunately have been discontinued after Aviary changed their strategy.

I'm a cofounder of the Munich FabLab where everybody who's interested in making things can get access to all kinds of maker equipment and knowledge.

For your and my entertainment I have built the following flickr widgets:

Islands Of Consciousness Creates an infinite movie with a randomly arranged soundtrack from Flickr images.

Phantoms The shape of things to come.

Passing by A random eternal voyage through Photochrom landscapes.

Aurora Binaris Binary Northern Lights.

Picturedisko - a musical instrument in the form of a record player that translates photos into music.

The Stake - a place that allows you to virtually burn things that you don't like.

Flickeur creates rather scary movies from randomly retrieved Flickr images.

Clockr displays the current time by using images from the onedigit group.

Tagnautica is an experimental way to explore the related tags of flickr.

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    seltar says:

    "A great inspiration, and nothing but eye-candy. Quasimondo is one of the top gurus in my book!"

    June 28th, 2006

Mario Klingemann
February 2004
Munich, Germany
I am:
Male and Taken
Code Artist