i have three inside kitties: cricket, tima, and janeane "beans" garofalo (who's actually a boy). i also live with, but do not have direct ownership of: many fish and snails in a 30-gallon tank, 55-gallon tank, and 2.5-gallon tank; three tarantulas; a chinese crested hairless dog named wolfie; and many, many feeder critters (roaches, worms, etc.). this collection of animals is referred to as the chet and pickles oakes memorial zoo, named after my late frog and hamster.

i played the clarinet for six years and tear up when i hear a good piece. as a result, however, i can type 90 words a minute with no errors, use an adding machine like nobody's business, and button pushing challenges in games just aren't challenging. i also have carpal tunnel syndrome, and it hurts. a lot. >_<

i'm obsessed with taking pictures and correcting your grammar. i have shelves full of linguistics books and those on the history of the english language (i ♥ middle english). you should ask for a copy of my papers on spelling reformation and the demise of second person personal pronouns. ;)

my goal is to one day own every video gaming system ever (i'm up to 16 at the moment).

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August 2005
Shreveport, LA
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