Thank you for visiting my photo stream.

***With the exception of boudoir and artistic implied nudity...
Please do NOT add any of my photos to your galleries if they contain pornography or photos containing genitalia (I don't care whose). Everyone do your thing but please do not have my images associated with any of that. I appreciate fetishes but there are other places for that. Thank you in advance for respecting me.***

P.S. I am a very VERY generous person... until I find that one of my images is being used without my permission. Be forewarned that I have a very strong legal team (you'd be surprised how many photos of lawyers there are in my stream) which has taken action in the past against those who have used my photographs without my expressed permission or by following copyright laws.

However, feel free to ask me in advance. I'm good about these things. OH! I also apologize in advance. I am NOT good at checking my yahoo e-mail associated with this account! If there is an image you have an inquiry about, it's actually better if you leave a comment on the image than to send flickr mail. You don't need to be specific so much as just say you'd like to contact me.

People forget that Cane went on to build a great city and became a success in life.
It just goes to show how caught up in the negative people can be (Get it? Negative? Photographers? Negative? Ah, forget i, then.)

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    learned trip says:

    "Hmm what can i say? Pete is super creative when it comes to taking those couple/engagement photos. A talented portraiture photographer...kind and nice...glad to know him on the flickr world!"

    August 27th, 2009

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    ~Sir Duke~ says:

    "P- is hands down the finest "artist" I claim to know! His rate of climb (learning curve) is off the charts! Humble & sharing he epitomizes the essence of our art/trade. I say trade because there are NO SECRETS. Ask a direct question, get same as an answer. (Except Shooting Locations). I can't wait to see you published and teaching others how to scale the heights bruh! One...

    January 2nd, 2010

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    spotless pear says:

    "Still think you need all that fancy equipment to be an excellent photographer?! Meet Psoup!

    Psoup has an incredible eye for the shot and the composition of it. As you browse through psoup's photostream, you get the strong sense that every image means something; laced with the finishing touches of excellent framing. From landscapes to people, the skillful eye dances with impressive post processing acumen to produce another compelling image.

    Psoup is a constant reaffirmation that it is more about the person and not the equipment, that produces artful and meaningful photography. I'm honored at the daily opportunity to dip my ladle in this flowing stream of inspiration."

    April 9th, 2008

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    hilarious letters says:

    "P - Photography at it's finest
    S - Simplistic, Subtle, Stunning is what best describes his photos
    O - Oh just look at his photostream to find out for yourself!
    U - U still here? I said look at his photostream!
    P - Pleased? What I tell you? ;-)"

    February 28th, 2008

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    Matsuo Amon says:

    "well although he's a new contact/friend of mine on flickr, but his pictures are very beautiful. i really like to view most of them."

    December 5th, 2007

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    LisaBPhoto says:

    "I mean, what else is there to say...he rocks! That is all! :o)"

    August 10th, 2007

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    *}A Queen's Perspective is BACK!! says:

    " A True Photographer of his Own time! Talented....Creative and Such a Wonderful Soul! It keeps getting better...each day...each shot! You have taught me here on many techniques...until I feel you have helped me to improve my craft! Whatever Questions I always take the time to answer! Thanks Talented Brother! I am so happy we have crossed each other's path!

    June 27th, 2007

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