Hi! I'm Paul Downey, a doodling hacker living in Berkhamsted, UK.


Paul Animated


Some of my flickr hacks:

* flyr - search flickr for geotagged photos

* Clustr - a experiment in viewing a flickr pool as a timeline.

* Gallery - present a flickr photoset with drop shadows.

* textorizer - convert photos into SVG using text

* Flickr dpreview Linker - GM script to turn Flickr "Taken with a " text into a link

* Flyr in Flickr - GM script to add a link to flyr against geotagged photos

* Geocache Tags in Flickr - GM script to add a link to geocaching.com against GCXXXX tagged photos

* Colorfield Namer - GM script to visualise and name RGB tagged photos in the colorfields pool

* Flickr Profile Big Box - GM script to enlarge the "Describe yourself.." box when editing your profile


Other cool stuff:


My flickr DNA

My geotagged photos

View some of my North American photos via Mappr

A clickable mosaic of my contacts

My photos in Explore


Flickr pass

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April 3, 2008