I stated this page after my city's leading newspaper reported there were "hundreds" of people in a rally responding to the passage of Proposition 8, when there were at least TEN THOUSAND of us walking down Market Street in San Francisco on Nov. 7th. So I collected photos from this event and other like it to show the TRUTH of our numbers.

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Photos from the National Day of Protest on Nov. 15, 2008 denouncing the anti-gay ballot initiatives passed in California, Arkansas, Florida and Arizona on Nov 4th.
More info at jointheimpact.wetpaint.com

Scroll down for photos from San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Fayetteville, Seattle, Denver, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Atlanta, Oahu, Dallas.... more coming!

~~~~~~~~~~ SAN FRANCISCO, CA ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SACRAMENTO, CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOS ANGELES, CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PHOENIX, AZ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MIAMI, FL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
and other Florida cities
Ft. Lauderdale Fight the H8
Ft. Lauderdale Fight the H8

Tallahassee Rally

Tallahassee Rally

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FAYETTEVILLE, AR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SEATTLE, WA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DENVER, CO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NEW YORK, NY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WASHINGTON, DC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOSTON, MA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PROVIDENCE, RI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CHICAGO, IL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CLEVELAND, OH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ATLANTA, GA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OAHU, HI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DALLAS, TX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Join The Impact! Dallas
Join The Impact! Dallas

Photos from the week after the Election on Nov. 4th, 2008

Stay Tuned for More Photos from the National Day of Protest, Saturday Nov 15th.

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