We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts.
~ Hazlitt

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Active Member of the Chicago Audubon Society's Board of Directors


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PBS/WTTW Chicago Tonight: segments/articles/doc: chicagotonight.wttw.com/tags/jerry-goldner

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A) Recent Published Images/Videos:

159. National Geographic UK - Sockeye Salmon Leaping:https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/photography/2018/04/amazing-photos-leaping-animals?image=24-leaping-animals-epic-gallery-prod-yourshot-73364-6444314

158. Somme Woods Community: yellow-rumped warbler feeding in sapsucker hole

157. Stephen Packard's Blog - Strategies for Stewards from woods to prairies: grest-crested flycatcher, scarlet tanager, blue-grey gnatcatcher - woodsandprairie.blogspot.com/2018/04/breeding-bird-reviva... 4-15-18

156. Chicago Audubon - March/April Newsletter 2018 - Two bald eagle images: www.chicagoaudubon.org/sites/default/files//compass/compa...

155. WTTW Chicago Tonight's interview with Dr. George Archibald of the International Crane Foundation:

154. Birdwatching Daily Magazine - "Return to Crane River" Sandhill Crane Couple

153. Chicago Audubon Society - Birding America XII - Sandhill Cranes & Pileated Woodpecker Chicks - www.chicagoaudubon.org/sites/default/files//compass/compa... - 2-5-18

152. Stephan Packard Blog - Bird Bonanza: woodsandprairie.blogspot.com/2018/01/bird-bonanza-in-1908... - Harrier, American Bittern & Yellow-breasted Chat. 1-10-18

151. WTTW's Chicago Tonight interviews me on the Snowy Owl Irruption: chicagotonight.wttw.com/2017/12/21/photographer-captures-...

150. Wild Salmon Center - FB & Twitter - 11-7-17

149. eBirder - Northern Rough-winged Swallow - ebirdr.com/bird/northern-rough-winged-swallow

148. Chicago Audubon Society Compass Newsletter - Nov -Dec 2017 www.chicagoaudubon.org/sites/default/files//compass/compa...

147. Chicagoist - Waves - chicagoist.com/2014/11/01/around_town_trick_or_treat.php#...

146. Chicago Audubon Society Compass Newsletter July/Aug 2017 - GHOW & owlets, Northern Harrier, Killdeer on nest with chicks

145. REJOUNALS.com Profile/Interview : www.rejournals.com/Articles/2017/05/Jerry-Goldner-wildlif...

144. Daily Herald Worm-eating Warbler & Whip-Poor-Will 6-14-17

143. WTTW Urban Nature Doc:"Building a Bird Safe City"

142. Keystone Pipeline: Piping Plover - www.motherjones.com/blue-marble/2013/08/top-7-animals-har...

141. Chicago Audubon Society - Kirkland's, Parula, Blue-winged & Prothonotary Warblers March & April 2017 Compass Newsletter -

140. Daily Herald - Canada Warbler

139 dnainfo - Snowy Owl Video

138 North American Birds vol. 69, nos. 3 & 4
Kirkland's Warbler -

137. WTTW LEOW -2kQuMLK - Created the story for producers

132-136 CAS Compass Winter 2017 Newsletter
Snowy Owls, Tufted Titmouse, White-breasted Nuthatch, Grand Tetons -

131 The Daily Herald 1-4-17 - Townsend's Warbler: www.dailyherald.com/article/20170104/entlife/170109826/

#130. Intl. Wolf Center - Lamar Pack '08 wolf www.wolf.org/ Coming Soon

#119-129. Chicago Audubon Compass Newsletter - Nov-Dec 2016
Barred Owl, Cedar Waxwing, Sandhill/Whooping Cranes, Cerulean warbler, Red-tailed Hawk

#115-118. Chicago Audubon Compass Newsletter - Autumn - Short-eared Owl, Osprey, Cerulean Warbler

#113-114. Chicago Audubon Compass Newsletter July/Aug
American Kestrel & Caspian Tern

#108-112. WTTW - Sandhill Crane Migration: Video & Stills chicagotonight.wttw.com/2014/12/22/crane-chasing

107. Innovation Excellence - Great Gray Owl - 6-22-16

106. Website photos Truly Chiropractic -

105. WLS TV: Summer Solstice Strawberry Moon - 6-21-16

104. Cornell Lab of Ornithology FB

103. # BirdthePreserevesHabitat 2030 - Hooded Warbler
habitat2030.org/blog/ 5-14-16

101 & 102. CAS - Chicago Audubon Society Compass Newsletter - Cooper's Hawk & Eastern Meadowlark

100. IOS - Illinois Ornithological Society - Townsend's warbler - 4-28-16

99. Chicago Audubon Chicago Region: Brown Thrasher- 4-19

98 National Folk Festival - Aurelio Martinez

97. PBS Chicago WTTW - Sounds of Spring: 5 images - 4-5-16

96. Jay's Chicago WTTW - Profile of my work: - 4-1-16

95. The Field Museum: Short-eared Owl: 3-30-16

94. WTTW Monk Parakeets: 3-21-16

93. Chicago Park District - West Ridge Nature Preserve www.westridgenaturepreserve.org/birding - 3-14-16

92. DNAinfo WBBM Radio: 3-7-16 Bald Eagles with link to my profile: dnain.fo/1QZEdzo

91. The Field Museum - Winter Wren Video: www.facebook.com/fieldmuseum/ - 3-2-16

90 Capture My Chicago: Photo of the Day - SEOW www.capturemychicago.com/photos/1893313

89 New Book "A Surprising Day at Spring Pond" ~ Pamela Quinlan - Whip poor will

88 Capture My Chicago: Photo of the Day - Long-eared Owl

87 The Daily Herald -12-17-15 - Kirtland's warbler

86.The Field Museum - Northern Harrier 11-17-15

85. The Field Museum - Ruby-throated Hummingbird 11-3-15

84. The Owl Pages Editor's Pick:http://on.fb.me/1RCvOUB - no link to new post

83. Project SnowStorm - Snowy Owl research project - (power point, so can not share)

82. U.S. Fish & Wildlife: Used my Piping Plover photo at the top of award:

81. The Field Museum - Wilson's warbler 10-6-15

80. WTTW: Lunar Eclipse Video: 9-27-15

79. Field Museum: Warbler Series: 9-22-15

78. WTTW PBS Chicago:Nighthawk Migration 9-10-15

77. Field Museum: Blackpoll Warbler: on.fb.me/1KW2hqf 9-15-15

76. Capture My Chicago: 'Strawberry Moonrise with Sailboat'
9-10-15 "http://www.capturemychicago.com/awards/photo-of-the-day"

75. BISNOW 9-8-15 - Alaksa - www.bisnow.com/national/news/office/vacation-slideshow-wo...

74. Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Bald Eagle with Salmon @Brooks Falls -

73. Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Kirtland's Warbler - 6-1-15

72. Field Museum : Kirtland's Warbler 5-19-15 - Whip-poor-will 5-12-15.

71. Uptown Update: Kirtland's warbler: 5-25-15

69 & 70 COS - Chicago Ornithological Society 5-1-15

67 & 68. Field Museum Bird Field Guide: 3-6-15

66. Field Museum Crane Migration: 11-19-14:

61-65. PBS Chicago WTTW: 11-18-14 Crane Migration video & stills

60. UK's Birdwatch - Snowy Owl Attacking Goldeneye Duck: - Published: 3-14

59. The Field Museum: snowy owl hunting goldeneye ducks image: 12-20-13

58. Chicago Park District: Snowy Owl - Twitter:12-17-13
bit.ly/1LB3aBk & MasUP.US: bit.ly/1KhBVyB

57. Chicago Botanic Gardens - 8-20-13
Monarch butterflies mating video: on.fb.me/1Eo59ZZ

56. Mother Jones - Endangered Great Lakes Piping Plover via US Fish & Wildlife site 8-20-13: bit.ly/1PDVPBK

55. 1-13 - Field Museum & Chicago Wilderness Annual Reports: bit.ly/1QPoB4C


1. Profiled and interviewed WTTW's Chicago Tonight:4-3-14


2. PBS WTTW & SoCal: 4-3-14

3. Snowy Owls in Chicago: WTTW In Studio - 1-30-12

4. WTTW "Chicago Tonight" 1st Successful Bald Eagle Nest in Cook County in 150 years:
4-19-12 -

5. Chicago SunTimes: North Suburban Weekly: (link deleted)

6. DNA Chicago:11-25-12

7. Chicago Tribune: Snowy Owl invasion: 12-14-11

8. Aljazeera U.S. - Snowy Owl Invasion (deleted)1-12


1. The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
Solo Exhibit "Owls of Illinois"
running12-22-12- thru 4-1-13

New City:

Chicago Tribune:

2. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago: Permanent Wildlife Photo Exhibit on Oncology Floor ~ Opening 1-2-14

Chicago Academy of Sciences' Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum:

3. The Birds Of Chicago Permanent Exhibit - Habitats

4. Chicago Academy of Sciences: The Micole Bird Walk' Permanent Exhibit Rooftop with skyline & nature views


Whole Foods;
5. Deerfield, IL - Winter Bird Species
6. Palatine, IL - Spring Bird Species

7. Lake-Cook Audubon Fund Raiser for Illinois Audubon:

8. Little Red Schoolhouse - "Owls of Illinois"


1. 1st Annual Forest Preserve District of Cook County Photo Contest & Exhibition @ Cook County Headquarters:on.fb.me/UTZEXK


Winning Photos: May

2. Chicago Park District's 1st Annual "Nature in Chicago" Photo Contest & Exhibition: Travelled to 4 field houses around the city

Winning Photo: (Contest link deleted)

3. 10 Chicago Artists & Their Green Concerns Exhibit
The Global Alliance of Artist's & Chicago Center For Green Technology Exhibit:

digital.mindfulmetropolis.com/iphone/article.php?id=53418... (link deleted)


1. Rare Burrowing Owl in Chicago:

2. Cook County Nesting Bald Eagles:


3. Snowy Owls - In Studio:

4. Piping Plover:

5. Snowy Owls: chicagotonight.wttw.com/2012/01/05/snowy-owls-chicago

6. Long Eared Owls:

7. WTTW PBS Chicago:Nighthawk Migration bit.ly/1MhfjMj

8. WTTW: Lunar Eclipse Video: 9-27-15

CBS News: Bill Kurtis joined me @ Palos Bald Eagle Nest:


Forest Preserve District of Cook County - Bald Eagles Nest



Field Museum Facebook Page:

10. Burrowing Owl:

11. Eastern Meadowlark:

12. Field Museum & Chicago Wilderness Annual Reports:

13. U.S. Fish & Wildlife:
a) 1.usa.gov/Uao0vq


14. Cornell Lab:

15. Oak Park: Rare Hummimgbird

Chicago Sun Times:
16. Snowy - Wilmette

17. Bald Eagles - Firing Range - (link down)

Chicago Audubon:

19. Fox News Chicago:

20. Chicago Dept. Of Cultural Affairs:

World Music Festival 2009 -

21. Millennium Park's:
Music Without Borders 2009 & 2010:

22. Shel Silverstein Tribute Concert: SHELebration:

The Daily Herald:


26. Chicago Ornithological Society Newsletters

27. Illinois Ornithological Society - Snowy Owls
numerous issues not online


28. Illinois Birders Website:

29. Lake County Forest Preserves:

30. Publishers Weekly:

31. Harper Collins Publishing - 'The Boy Who Cried Freebird'

32. Magnet Magazine:

33. Baha'i Temple Newsletter:

Uptown Update- Peregrine Falcons & Owls:
39. Northwest Indiana Times:

40. Master's Thesis:
Unmanned Air Vehicle Research:

Chicago Wilderness Magazine: Out of business

41. www.chicagowildernessmag.org/issues/fall2007/letters.html

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47. www.chicagowildernessmag.org/issues/spring2005/peregrines

48. Chicagoist-

a) harvest moon:

b) Michelle Obama on Marine One:

49. The Horn:

50. Boulder Colorado Wild Birds

51.Chicago Park District's Urban Naturalist Newsletter 2004-2012

52. E-Birder:

53. Featured Creatures:

54. Brushwood Nature Center:

My most interesting images on Black:


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I use a 600mm lens with a Canon 7D Camera no flash or baiting the birds or mammels


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    TheNatureDude says:

    "The early morning sun starts creeping over the lake causing the sky to turn a deep shade of violet. The pink, scarlet, and orange tones of sunrise will come eventually, but they are slow to show themselves in the early winter season. The wind whips unabated from the east, as waves crash onto the shore, but he doesn't care, for this is exactly where he wants to be and exactly when he wants to be here. Jerry is already set up with his big lens fixed on the winter's guest, a snowy owl rests on the edge of the dunes waiting for its next opportunity to hunt. The owl can be somewhat flighty at times but it senses something different about Jerry, sort of a respect and reverence for the arctic hunter, and I swear the owl gives Jerry a nod of acceptance. An unusual setting for such a supreme bird of prey, the tops of the Chicago skyline now starting to reflect the sun's weak rays, almost as if it were a beacon for a lonely vessel out on Lake Michigan. Truth is the lake is empty, few people are up at this time and those who happen to be awake are most likely idling in a line of cars at a local Starbuck's. This is how Jerry likes it, just himself and the birds.

    I met Jerry a few years ago at Montrose Harbor. I was familiar with his work, for we had several common contacts on Flickr. I was new to this bird photography game and my photos showed this. Yet Jerry did not dismiss me, instead he quietly spoke out the identification of each warbler and made sure that I got my lens on the bird. I was as much impressed as I was appreciative, because he may have missed a few images trying to help this seemingly hopeless cause. Something that was immediately apparent was how much these birds meant to him. It wasn't just getting a great shot, which he knew he would, but rather celebrating the beauty of our avian friends. To him, it is not man and then animals, but rather we are all together.

    As far as his photography goes, I cannot do it justice by simply writing a short essay here, just page through his Flickr page, or better yet, go to his website, and get swept away in a wild world few of us ever truly see. Foxes frolicking on a rocky shore, a chipmunk nestled in the one warm beam of light, a coyote running through a field with the exuberance of a child. Lest I not forget his birds, particularly the flight shots, which when a person thinks of birds, this is what they think of first. I am always amazed that he can capture these with a 600mm lens, just amazing photography!

    A friendship has emerged since that day in May of 2010, and I am a richer man for it.
    Every time I hear a group of sandhill cranes flying overhead I half expect to turn around and find Jerry there, camera pointed at the sky, with a smile as broad as a crane's wingspan."

    December 4th, 2012

January 2008
I am:
Wildlife Photographer
Profiles of Nature by Jerry Goldner