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    Sita Marie says:

    "i thank her for my pictures. i wouldn't be here if my sister didn't show me her pictues last year.

    so thanks chrissie. you're wonderful."

    February 20th, 2010

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    hushed competition says:

    "I have looked at your photostream hundreds of times on end. Sometimes I would view a photo for longer than you would ever imagine trying to figure out what you did. I appriciate what you do, and how hard you work because it also forces me and all other photographers to get better, to catch up. I am very greatful for that, I hoping to see big thing you. ;)"

    March 4th, 2010

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    francesca-jane says:

    "i thought it was about time i wrote you a testimonial, chrissie. you are definitely one of the most talented photographers on flickr. your ideas are so brilliant and perfectly executed! not only are you a wonderful photographer, but you seem incredibly lovely and seem really down to earth. i hope you go really really far with whatever you decide to do :)"

    January 3rd, 2010

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    iancrane. says:

    "I have thought long and hard, a little over a year to be exact, over what I could write Chrissie to show my total and complete gratitude, respect, and jealously for her and her photos. I doubt Chrissie even knows this, heck, I doubt Chrissie even knows of my existence, but she is one of the three people who inspired me to pursue photography and I am forever grateful for that. Very rarely does one get the chance to plumb the beauty and intricacies of art that Chrissie exudes in each and every photo that she takes. You can see the emotion, the creativity, and the pure genius that Chrissie puts into each photo and the result is always, always, always amazing www.flickr.com/ph... This was the very first photo that I saw of hers and I was utterly speechless. What does can one even say about this photo? It’s beautiful, it’s stunning, it’s so emotive, and absolutely perfect. One can only guess how long this took to set up, but it was totally worth it, because this photo, quite frankly, forgive the cliché, blows my mind. Then there was this photo. www.flickr.com/ph... I was even more speechless than when I viewed the last one. This is, no lie, one of the best photos on Flickr, scratch that, one of the best photos period, that I have ever seen. And, in her description, she said that this one wasn’t even a posed shot. What? Ahhhhh! Chrissie White is my freaking hero if she simply accidentally takes shots like this. In conclusion, Chrissie White is one of the most amazing, inspiring and simply delightful photographers that I have ever had the pleasure of stalking in my life. I cannot wait until I see her photos in magazines in the future. And, I can only hope that, some day, I can even have 1 millionth of the skill that she has.

    p.s. When you search ‘Chrissie’ in Google, ‘Chrissie White’ pops up as suggested searches. How cool is that? And, when you do search her, there are lists upon lists of the awards that she has won, and, simply put, she deserves every last one of them.

    Chrissie White, you freaking amaze me, and that‘s that."

    December 9th, 2009

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    Rebecca Williams. says:

    "Chrissie is one of the few "teenage photographers" that I have any respect for these days. Her photos convey a wide range of honest, aesthetic emotion and she has some truly brilliant ideas."

    November 13th, 2009

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    fine flavor says:

    "she's someone to look up to on here."

    October 11th, 2009

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    Kendell Erin says:

    "I like-ith your style-ith.

    October 5th, 2009

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    Mike Bailey-Gates says:

    "I feel like Chrissie has this beautiful interest in humanity. When she she's something, it's no longer and object, or a photograph a but, in itself, a living thing. The only time I feel really alive is when I am taking photographs and when I look at yours, something just hits me, there is just something so real. I don't know."

    September 12th, 2009

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    zack henningsgaard says:

    "you are incredible, don't tell yourself otherwise mmk?"

    August 3rd, 2009

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    casimms says:

    "chrissie's photos are like lukily finding your favorite soup in the cabinet to have when you're sick. You're glad it's there."

    July 30th, 2009

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    taraviolet. says:

    "Chrissie, you are just really wonderful.You've been a huge inspiration to me since I started flickr, and I just want to say that your photographs are really beautiful. They are evocative and poetic, and you are a photographic queen."

    June 3rd, 2009

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    cream tangerine says:

    "Chrissie White, what to say, what to say. Well, I guess you can say that I'm one of those creeps that love Chrisse even though we've never talked to her or anything. She's just so chic and talented and well, just plain awesome. She was one of the first photographers on Flickr that made me jealous because of her beautiful pictures and her way of being. Mhhm.

    She deserves something better than this but I don't have the vocabulary to make this all fancy and poetic. (:"

    May 26th, 2009

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    Taryn Davis says:


    May 6th, 2009

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    sourire: says:

    "I remember when I first found your photostream
    And then
    My lungs gave breath
    to a new inspiration"

    May 4th, 2009

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    kaylayestal says:

    "She is wise and eats breakfast potatoes.

    If I were a boy I would probably force her to marry me."

    April 11th, 2009

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    nathan lessard says:

    "her hair is red and I bet her blood is too.

    I like her."

    April 6th, 2009

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    Heidi Diane says:

    "Chrissie, you don't know this but you're one of the reasons of why I picked up a camera. I remember looking at your stream throughout October just thinking how cool it would be if I were capable of taking photos like yours. Your photos inspired me to do better, I can only wish to be as good and as successful as you are. Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for being my friend."

    March 24th, 2009

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    Gabriela Camerotti says:

    "What I love the most about viewing Chrissie's flickr photostream is that I always find something new to fav, even if it's old. Keep up with the wonderful work, girl! You're inspiring."

    March 21st, 2009

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    bethany mcvay says:

    "one of my biggest inspirations, ever"

    March 17th, 2009

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    ells.bells. says:

    "so, so talented.

    March 22nd, 2009

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    a new sky says:

    "I like eating sushi with Chrissie White.

    Let's go exploring."

    February 22nd, 2009

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    Ally Newbold says:

    "Chrissie's more then what you see in her flawless, creative photographs. She's a sweetheart and one of the nicest people i've ever met. She's an inspiration to all, especially me. Chrissie will get far, trust me. Thanks for being you, you're brilliant :)

    ~* time for an edit ~*
    so these past few months, maybe a year now, i have been getting to know Chrissie and instantly she became a part of me. Her positive attitude always gets the best of me, and inspires myself to keep going. I love her unique personalty- definately mature for your age.
    I hope good things come to you Chrissie, because you deserve it all - and so much more."

    February 18th, 2009

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    UFOGlassHens says:

    "Wow wow wow wow wow.

    I'm so sorry that I can't write anything else here, my vocabulary is too small :)"

    February 10th, 2009

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    olivia bee says:

    "hasfldhfklsdjhfsdjklasdfpw8o4tyqskhqw3r'kaw DKa'

    you're amazing"

    February 1st, 2009

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    Im only sleeping says:

    "your good. to 1000000th power"

    January 25th, 2009

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    TaylorT. says:

    "I found this girl a while back and to this day she is still one of the most amazing photographers around here. I'm always curious what's to come next.
    Btw did you/do you have a horse fetish when you made this? Prettypony? lol jk
    Really though. Her. Her photos. Her everything. Just beautiful.

    January 21st, 2009

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    murakami.kenta says:

    "One of the most talented people on here, each photo fills me with life.
    Shes pretty grand."

    January 19th, 2009

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    missbrill says:

    "you're pretty rad.
    ...even if you do live three hours in the past. gosh."

    January 16th, 2009

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    emily takes pictures says:

    "chrissie is a freakin beast. i dont know her really at all, but i stalk her blog and she's quite funny. chrissie i know you will do great things and you have a nice, raw talent."

    January 11th, 2009

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    panoramic basketball says:

    "one of my favorites, i don't know if she's into fragrances but i think she deserves her own. >:P"

    January 10th, 2009

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    koneko kitten says:

    "Chrissie's photos are all beautiful, many dreamy and others surreal. I find it so amazing that she is so young and has so much talent."

    January 4th, 2009

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    emaielei says:

    "such a gift to know her :)"

    December 29th, 2008

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    Susannah B says:

    "have i ever mentioned that chrissie is like the bomb-diggidy? not only for her photography, but an internet pal. i can't believe i haven't written her one of these, even if she does have a million. don't lose confidence in your talent, chrissie! I enjoy having such a funny and easygoing rival (lol) with a very different style from my own. i don't get bored of looking at your work, because i see things in a new way when i see ur images. ;)"

    December 27th, 2008

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    lauren poor says:

    "i think you just are a perfetc natural er whatevs. ja ja ja ja aj jahd;ds kewl. (UGH PS YOU RUL WTF UR SO GOOD) yeah... wtf. ugh it's so late right now. dfklfjklas;j i like that ice picture? it was cool. and all of them. just looked through that whole jank one night. so good. woah. ugh i'm so dumb at thes.e... trying to be foreal or soething"

    December 22nd, 2008

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    sophie pellegrini says:

    "youre really great.

    honestly, no words could really describe what i feel about your photos."

    December 21st, 2008

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    Laurence, says:

    "Chrissie is cooler than you'll ever be.

    December 14th, 2008

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    noël-michèle says:

    "Jealous? Yes."

    November 19th, 2008

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    надя says:

    "She's only 15 and make those awesomeamazingbeautiful photos !
    Out of the world !

    PS you should add her flickr account to faves )"

    November 12th, 2008

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    sunshine doll says:

    "Chrissie White is such an inspiration. There is truly nobody on flickr who is a greater artist than she is. She understands simplicity; she understands detail. Her photos are complex, raw, refined, crazy, and simple all at the same time. She's really an artist in all aspects. Incredible."

    November 5th, 2008

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    emilyyday says:

    "Oh man girl. You are one of my favorite photographers on all of flickr, no joke. I wish I had a small amount of the talent you have."

    November 5th, 2008

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    sunday chores says:

    "her photos seem to always be parallel with her emotions
    she has such brilliance
    it's indescribable"

    November 4th, 2008

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    Megan McIsaac. says:

    "definitely an inspiration. chrissie's photographs are absolutely beautiful."

    October 30th, 2008

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    dorellana says:

    "chrissie white,

    i don't even know what to say. i've watched you progress, watched your photos turn from bad to good, and good to excellent, and excellent to phenomenal. you're an inspiration, to us all, to everyone who spares a minute and learns who you are and what you do. you're so human, so full of emotion that seeps into your photos.

    i'm so happy that i know you, for i know you'll always be there and will always be an inspiration when i have my dragged and dull moments. it's been incredible watching you as you learn and succeed, and i plan to watch still in the years to come. thanks for being such an amazing artist and friend."

    October 12th, 2008

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    Colette Rochelle says:

    "Chrissie White is impossible to describe in words. She is a beautiful person. A phenomenal artist and photographer. A fabulous friend. A brilliant mind. So many more things. She is one of my best friends on flickr and I'm lucky to have her as a friend and critic. :)

    This is turning out kinda stupid because anything I say is a ridiculous understatement of who Chrissie is. Just know that she is magical.

    Ice age. ♥"

    October 11th, 2008

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    Eleanor Hardwick says:

    "the only explanation is she is either an alien from planet imagination or a god in disguise.

    if i counted the number of hours i must have spent on chrissie's stream, i'd look like a weirdo (if i didn't already : ))"

    October 11th, 2008

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    Charlie Charney says:

    "chrissie, your so AHHH!!!
    later we should get some mmmm.
    but lets not bring your NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAHHHHH.
    is it a plan?"

    October 4th, 2008

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    Michel Omar. says:

    "Chrissie white is one of the most amazing photographer i've ever discovered here on flickr, her gallery is so clean and so joyful

    September 29th, 2008

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    Little Thoughts says:

    "looking at chrissie's stream fills me with a mixture of jealousy, admiration and disbelieve that someone could possibly be that good. I wish to grow up and be like her, but im grown up and not like her. So I just sit here and love her and all she does."

    September 28th, 2008

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    maneeacc says:

    "...she is a crazyyyy good photographer... i am not really a writer... so any other effort i make to describe her talent... would go in vain..."

    September 21st, 2008

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    Keely Yount says:

    "Hi third wifey/rapist. :D

    So, I'm here to tell you that I love you a WHOLE LOT. Your photos make me cringe in pure jealousy. Wishing I had your skills, creativity, and the ingenuity in all of your photos is something that goes through my mind everyday. Really though, you don't need me to tell you how wonderful you are. It's been said oodles of times. Yes, i just said oodles. But, honestly? You're incredible. I wish that I could have half of your mind. I'd be satisfied. I really do wonder what goes through your mind to create such wonderful things. Well, just in general, really. Because you're an incredible person. I'm really happy that I've gotten to know you(and most likely meet you... :D). Our 3am talks are sometimes hilarious, other times eye opening. And other times... just... plain weird. :) You've shown me a lot of things, Chrissie White. Whether you know it or not. :) I looovey you, kay.


    September 12th, 2008

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    elated thread says:

    "Chrissie white is phenomenal. My jaw drops whenever I see her photos. It is unbelievable how incredible she is. She probably knows that. She's also my age which blows me away.
    I hope to keep seeing her awesome photography.
    : ]"

    September 1st, 2008

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    nostalgic string says:

    "I know Sean is going to have to edit his so his can be first, but that is okay....because thanks to him, I found this fabulous, talented photographer. She is amazing...her stream is pure art. She is such an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for sharing your vision with us. xoxox

    PS...thank you Sean!! MUAH!"

    August 31st, 2008

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    alexander ward says:

    "There's only one thing possible to say;

    She's a fucking brilliant photographer and model."

    August 29th, 2008

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    zach blume says:

    "Chrissie's the reason I've gotten into photography, which will hopefully become a lifelong love of mine. That show's Chrissie talent better than anyone could explain, she really affects people through her art."

    August 24th, 2008

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    Jinna van Ringen says:

    "I've been wanting to write you a testimonial for a long time, but I couldn't come up with the right words, and I think I still lack at putting in words how amazing your art is. You are so talented and your photos express so much creativity. I don't think there don't is a photographer as creative and original as you are. I hope we can keep enjoying your work and you'll be world famous one day!"

    August 22nd, 2008

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    Federico Forlani says:

    "mh, ok: i've seen all her stream just in a breath. wonderful.
    lights, colours, compositions, models, ideas. ideas! you're great, i will be inspirated by you, i'm sure. and you are 15! a great future is waiting you! - go on, always go on on this way. Federico"

    August 21st, 2008

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    rampant governor says:

    "kay, so i've been sitting here for the past decade trying to think of something good enough to say about Chrissie's work. i've concluded that there aren't enough words to describe it so im inventing my own dictionary: Chrissie's work is pure amazingness, conceptualness, creativitness, originaliti-ness and just..well...perfection. im out of words so fast!
    so i will come back and edit and write Chrissie a testimonial she's worth but for now, all i have to say is that im so in love with this girl's work i could just marry it!! such unique style and marvelous imagination that it's beyond this world. i ALWAYS look forward to her pictures and im never disappointed.

    good luck, though you surely wont need it :p

    August 21st, 2008

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    ◊emma says:

    "Ok...I've been putting this off for awhile. It's not that I didn't want to write a testimonial for Chrissie...it's that I didn't know HOW to write one for her in the sense that...what would I say? How can a person look at her photos and then just know EXACTLY what to say? Ok...so I'm going to try my best here!

    Chrissie is amazing. Her photos have become so important to me, they are such a huge source of inspiration. She is creativity itself. Her photos and how she expresses herself through them is absolutely unbelievable! Such care has been taken into capturing the tiniest of details! Craftsmanship even! It truly is a sight to see. She has the most amazing mind and has such a bright future ahead of her if she chooses to pursue photography as a career (and that's not to say she wouldn't do well in any other field, but clearly this girl has a real gift when it comes to photography!). She knows exactly what will work and she really does turn dreams into reality!

    She is so....yeah. You get it I'm sure. =D

    Viewing Chrissie's stream is like stepping into a little magical world. A world full of prettiness, craziness, inspiration, beauty and laughter. I find it hard to leave this world sometimes...I feel like I could look at her photos all day.

    Thank-you Chrissie...for sharing your world with us. Thank-you."

    August 9th, 2008

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    The Djudju Beast says:

    "Chrissie's work is outstanding. I would be amazed by her work even if she had 10 years of experience. You are going places."

    August 7th, 2008

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    Love, Loren says:

    "she can render me speechless in all the best ways possible"

    August 6th, 2008

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    Jordan Chark says:

    "Chrissie is absolutely brilliant. The way in which she captures her world and so clearly and artfully represents it in her photos is like nothing I've ever seen before. She is one of the very few people who can turn what is in essence a simple photograph into a comprehensive piece of art. I'm at a complete loss for words when trying to describe how insanely amazing every masterpiece on her stream is... she speaks volumes with her photographs. Her talent is extraordinary.

    It's said that a picture is worth 1000 words, well, Chrissie's photos are worth more like a million.


    August 5th, 2008

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    big brown eyes says:

    "Wooow my other tetsimonial was so old, so here's a new one!

    Chrissie is really lovely and friendly, she is also very encouraging and extremely creative.
    She is a great online friend and very VERY valued member of TDF (even though she owns it but shh =P), even though she isn't into dolls anymore, she is still completely awesome and she hasn't changed a bit since I first met her. ^___^
    I love her sence of humour and not to mention her kickass hair!!

    Oh, and obviously her photos are amazing but we all know that. =P


    August 2nd, 2008

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    ben.doo.dat says:

    "chrissie, she's what you find
    when you look up amazing
    in the dictionary.

    my american half ♥"

    July 29th, 2008

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    flightless bird says:

    "simply divine."

    July 25th, 2008

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    elle_effect says:

    "Your work continually surprises me. You're going to go so far in photography. I'm excited to see where it's going to take you : ) Good luck."

    July 17th, 2008

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    BeckyRenee says:

    chrissie-i do believe i will always envy:
    her talent
    her amazingness
    her fantatsticness

    she is one of my favourite teenage phototographers, and it is always a joy to see she has posted a new photo :)

    chrissiiee is also actually rather friendly and nice and greats to talk too.

    yepsss. chrissie is lovely ♥"

    July 1st, 2008

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    fortunate island says:

    "At the age of only fourteen, Chrissie is a growing phenomena!


    June 24th, 2008

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    The Alpha Beta Fish says:

    "Chrissie is an amazing photographer, and i am constantly checking her photostream to see if it is possible for her to be anymore talented than she has already proven to be. I can't wait to buy the issue of vogue with a picture by her on the cover. =]"

    June 11th, 2008

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    The MotoLady says:

    "For no reason at all, when Chrissie added me as a contact, I went to look at her stuff. I was completely flabbergasted that at such a young age she is making such beautiful imagery. It takes many people years upon years to find their niche."

    April 2nd, 2008

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    quizzical board says:

    "I just dicovered Chrissie"s stream and felt compelled to write. She thinks outside the box. She is a uniquley gifted artist who is talented beyond her years. Her work is truly inspirational and refreshing."

    March 31st, 2008

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    digitalgopher says:

    "Chrissie needs no introduction in the world of flickr. She is the epitome of anything and everything creative. Her work transcends so many barriers. Her photography will take you to another world... and it's a world where only she can take you. If I could imagine and produce half the things Chrissie can through her art, a quarter of those even, I would think I have achieved everything I need to in my own world of photography. Chrissie is the best of the best here on flickr, and probably anywhere else I've ever seen. Chrissie... wow! I wish I could peek into your mind and see the world through your eyes... just for one day... that's all I ask. Thank you for the inspiration."

    March 16th, 2008

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    staceysvendsen says:

    "This is my first testimonial, and i believe that chrissie deserves it. She's is an outstanding photographer, and thinks of thingas i could never think of. She's so creative, and talented, and pretty snazzy with photoshop. Anyone can take a picture, but it takes talent to make it art. All of her photos have depth, and they each tell a story. Not only is she great at photography, she's an amazing person. She'll take the time to tell you what she thinks, and to leave others comments, and constructive ideas. She's just outstanding.

    plus... she lives in Washington, which is pretty much the best state ever."

    March 14th, 2008

  • view profile

    lissea says:

    "There isn't much to say about Chrissie that hasn't been said before, except for the fact that she never disappoints. Every single picture she posts is a piece of art.

    Please keep up the good work, so that I can keep visiting every day and just be jealous at and amazed by your skills :)"

    March 5th, 2008

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    Stephanie Massaro says:


    Chrissie amazes me, everything she does is wonderful! Especially for someone so young.
    She is going to make it somewhere in life. no doubt."

    March 2nd, 2008

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    1773★ says:

    "Too sensational for mere words!. This is what real talent is."

    February 27th, 2008

  • view profile

    Kate Pulley says:

    "um, CHRISSIE'S AMAZING! There's no other words.
    'Chrissie White; NOUN: fantastic, wonderful, fascinating, creative, incredible, inspiring, wowiebazowie photographer.'"

    February 27th, 2008

  • view profile

    amanda pulley says:

    "Chrissie has the most amazing, inspiring pictures! The thing that makes her pictures stand out from the rest, is that she doesn't have to rely on her camera to take a good picture for her. She has great ideas and uses those to create really extraordinary photo's. She has definately inspired me! :)"

    February 22nd, 2008

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    anastasiablau says:

    "Chrissie is an all-around great person. She has amazing phototgraphy skills, and is an inspiration to show how great you can be if you put your mind to it.

    Yay for Chrissie! :]"

    February 20th, 2008

  • view profile

    Ellie Niemeyer says:

    "Chrissie White you will never stop amazing me with
    your incredible skills! I am blown away every time I
    look at you photos! Keep up the amazing work!!!


    February 19th, 2008

  • view profile

    Em Read says:

    "Wow. I first started browsing Chrissie's photographs about a month ago, and what I've seen has made me both jealous and inspired. She is innovative and imaginative, and obviously has a very spontaneous and fun streak that is apparent in her work. She pays close attention to detail and is a Photoshop wizard. I admire her ability to convey whimsicality, sadness, silliness, beauty, and many other things into each photo. She is also thoughtful and intelligent, and I have enjoyed the very brief Flickr semi-conversations I've had with her so far.
    She is an artist, through and through, and the fact that she is my age makes her work that much more amazing.
    Rock on, babydoll. Please continue to stun us.

    February 18th, 2008

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    stupendous horse says:

    "I really haven't had much time to browse through this girl's stream as well as she deserves because her work is freaking amazing.. but when I did, holy cow. Seriously mind blowing! It's the type of talent that makes you want to go out and shoot like crazy, and be very very envious at the same time. Keep at it! for serious.

    (oh, and I'm now a daily visitor, of course. how could you not be? =D)"

    February 18th, 2008

  • view profile

    Bil Brown ☠ says:

    "Thank you for allowing me to keep a close update on what you have going on. And, you have a great deal going on!!

    Keep us all on our toes!!"

    February 17th, 2008

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    rpatrickmohrphotography says:

    "I'm so glad to have yet another place to find inspiration when my imagination runs dry. Chrissie, your work is fantastic and will only get better!
    I'll try to add a few more pics on my account but the bulk of my work is here...


    Talk to you soon!


    February 17th, 2008

  • view profile

    relieved pen says:

    "Only recently I have come across the breathtaking work by Chrissie.
    What a fantastic portfolio you have, amazing concepts. You have such an individual style.
    Please keep your fab working coming :)

    February 16th, 2008

  • view profile

    ylfaure.photo says:

    "In this gallery, I love the textures, tones, atmospheres and compositions. And, of course, I like the ideas you have in a large number"

    February 16th, 2008

  • view profile

    RhiannonDaire says:

    "I just stumbled across her stream, and what can I say?? SUCH TALENT! Pretty much every shot she takes, it absolutely brillant! There is so much creativity and diversity in all of her work. I highly recommend a browse. You won't be disappointed."

    February 9th, 2008

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    i am gillian says:

    "Someone who is so wickedly creative at her age, is a force to be reckoned with. Her images are thoughtful, clever and creative.

    I would wish you good luck hun, but you hardly need it!! :)"

    January 28th, 2008

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    [Amy] 2nd Story says:

    "I just finished going on such a cool journey looking thru Chrissies photostream. Amazing, seriously. I can't believe she is only 14...for real?? Blimey she's good! I am inspired and in love with her work."

    January 20th, 2008

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    three sponge says:

    "chrissie IS actually my bestest friend in america :P i know many a person in america and chrissie is the best one! we shall meet one day and have a beeg photoshoot ^_^ faw sure! eheh shes one of the best photographers i know and she puts me to shame :( shes the best at sewing too ;[ nyaw. *mustnotbejelousandfeelsorryforself* :P well yesh, i love her muchly :D swap soon ^_^

    edit: chrissie is the best photographer i know, and shes the same age as me!! puts me to shame :p when i grow up, i wanna bee like chrisse xD haha ily x"

    January 15th, 2008

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    merveçi. says:

    "today i discovered a fantastic place! Chrissie's photostream! at first i couldnt belive that she is 14, and then i made myself sure, and then i started to pitty for myself! really, she has an adorable style. her works are so creative, so toucful, so meaningful. i belive that she is the important photographer of future!
    from now on im your biggest fun m'dear, its a very big pleasure visiting ur stream and im looking forward to seeing ur fantastic works."

    January 4th, 2008

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    lexa.rae says:

    "my oh my.
    she's so talented! every single photo of hers i want to fave.
    what a great photographer.
    and to be only 14 !!"

    November 19th, 2007

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    Melissa_Love says:

    "I think that Chrissie is very very talented... she is naturally artistic! Despite her young age she seems to have the experience and the passion of an older person! Just great! =D"

    November 12th, 2007

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    Kaleigh. says:

    "I recently found Chrissie's work,
    And I'm just blown away every time I visit her page.

    With every passing day she gets more and more amazing.

    I can't wait to see what's in store for this amazing talent."

    October 26th, 2007

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    Anna Gordon says:

    "I'm suprised I haven't written a testimonial for you.

    I've been friends with Chrissie for quite a few years now and I have to say, she's probably the most talented photographer of her age that I know. She's the one that got me into photography in the first place and I have to admit, at times I get really angry at her just out of jealousy for her mad skills."

    October 24th, 2007

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    OlliEE. says:

    " Chrissies photos are just WOAH. shes really good with photography and photoshop, which makes me mega jealous. She has the cutest dollies, I really want Tallie, shes gorge. well done on your photo getting front page and a kazillion faves and comments :P you deserve it."

    October 21st, 2007

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    Twiggy Tu says:

    "your photo are really cooooooool and different that all i like,nice to meet u. ^^"

    October 13th, 2007

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    Koalajoe / PJ says:

    "Honestly, you have no idea how much I mentioned you to my friends and other people, that how much I'm amazed by your talent. You're so young, yet you have skills much better than some of the so-called artists or photographers. And all your photos are so natural and unpretentious. You capture everything in their genuine moment.

    Keep it up :)"

    October 2nd, 2007

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    successful plastic says:

    "Chrissie is one of the most mature and creative persons I know. She has a keen sense of art in her photographs and all she does. Keep an eye on this gal, and you'll see her go far."

    September 18th, 2007

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    susanandtt says:

    "I havn't been on in a while, and when i returned i checked your photos and i was blown away, your skills as a photography are extremely advanced and your photos are sooo interesting!!
    A++++++! :)"

    September 17th, 2007

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    wedgeh says:

    "Chrissie's great, she's not only very talented, but she's bloody amusing too :P
    Her determination to learn new ways to get her pictures looking super fabulous always amazes me. She'll be even more super famous than I will! ^__^"

    September 16th, 2007

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    Kimberly E Anderson says:

    "i love chrissie to the max!! She is so amazing and has the best dolls ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to see more pictures from her!!"

    September 3rd, 2007

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    gracelina. says:

    "nyee, WOW! chrissie is SUCH a good photographer! even though she's 14, her photos are some of my favoruite photos on flickr. i love to see her new pictures, she never fails to surprize me with her utter awesomeness ♥
    ily chrissie, rock on :Dx"

    August 29th, 2007

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    dynamic rice says:

    "Chrissie is one of the most talented people on the Internet :) The more I see her work, the more flabbergasted I am. My photos seem to such more and more.

    Hooray for Chrissie! WE'LL HAVE A PARTY!

    Drop by in NC sometime:)."

    August 28th, 2007

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    takahito@japan says:

    "She a complex, imaginative photograph often captivates me. It is exactly "Synthetic Rainbows" !!

    I feel that it is very varied and has simple power, it's just of her (very original) at the same time..."

    August 27th, 2007

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    steep reaction says:

    "gah chrissie. the awesome one :D i love this girl! shes so uber nice and cool :] shes a great jr photographer and i love her dollys =] she makes awesome stuff for her girls and i cant wait till her shop opens!!"

    July 10th, 2007

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    simple wind says:

    "Chriissssiiieee, Chriisiiieee, Hmm, AMAAZINGG GIRL! =D

    Shes so nice .. and has the coolest dollys :) Shes just all over the best =o) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

    May 7th, 2007

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    deafeningly says:

    "Chrissie takes the most cutest photos of her pullips and herself! I LOVE the pictures used by her scanner! It's hilarious and so original! She neeeds a new camera! ^^""

    April 30th, 2007

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    gregariouspeach [Georgia] says:

    "Chrissie is the most precociously talented young teenager that I have the pleasure of knowing. Not only is she well ahead of her years as a photographer, but her writing and ability to conceptualize ideas makes Chrissie seem 13 going on 30.

    Chrissie's photos exude fun and creativity, with her rich colors and quirky composition. Her stream will give the viewer and raw and joyfully youthful glance into the life of a 13 year old, and for this we are eternally thankful.

    Gorgeous photos, delightful girl, what more could we ask for?"

    April 10th, 2007

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    material creator says:

    "CHRISSIE. whoa. you're funny xD you're an awesome sewererererrr TOO! XD so kind. :)* flies to you're house and steals the t-shirt you made* >.> BWUAHYAHAHAHAHAUAHAUAHA. wellanyway. come live at my housee. you can live under my bed. i will feed you crisps xD
    lolol. bethanyxx"

    April 6th, 2007

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