A close friend told me to make this interesting so here goes.
I am a sort of pinkish cream colour with short mousey brown...
Oh hang on a minute that isnt right... you want to know about me
Right, I am an adventurous, directionless traveller. I can be charming if i want, I am a loner who craves the company of others and I have a strong belief that there is little I can not achieve given the right quantity of money and time on a beach in a hot country

I've become much more creative and open in my photographs. I am seeing the world in a different way and gaining in confidence with each shutter click.

I lived in Paris, I barely spoke French. I wanted to live on the edge of comfortability and look over the side.

I have ambitions to write a book. I need practice in writing.

I now live in Edinburgh and I am enjoying the cold weather :)

I think that just about covers everything to date.

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From UK
Lived in UK, Rep. Ireland, France
Currently living in Scotland
Looking forward to going to Everywhere!

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    stumbleine says:

    "Danny is really really ridiculously amazing. And he knows what I mean by that :D, no need to explain it any further :P"

    October 11th, 2007

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    RainAtDawn says:

    "Who would have thought that a flippant remark from a girl on the self portrait of a boy could lead to this? International adventure, endless hours of chatter, illegal photography *in Gallery 3* and a good friendship for mutual support? With Dan, that's the chance you have to take and if you're lucky you might just get it.

    Dan is an intelligent, caring and sensitive person who feel so much about the world around him. This comes through in his images which can be whimsical and fun or dark and brooding, but always a pleasure to behold. He has a talent for expressing himself through image and word, just take a look at his stream for a candid peep into the world of Dan.

    Above all do not be fooled by his username: little dan, big... heart ;)"

    March 18th, 2007

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    alt_castan says:

    "danny is supportive, funny, honest while giving a comment or appreciation.
    he knows how to say goodnight and how to make someone smile. that is not so simple as one can think it is.
    he knows how to offer ( thank you for the pics that came out of a conversation) and how to take a challenge .
    danny is real,a friend and a really good freind...:)
    i have to underline something i've said above...danny is REAL."

    December 11th, 2006

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    Mild Seven Lights says:

    "danny is one of the most honest down to earth guys i am glad to see his pics on flickr"

    December 6th, 2006

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    (@$$! says:

    "Danny is one of the few men in the world that can make pink look, HOT!"

    November 3rd, 2006

Danny Williams
April 2006
Hemel Hempstead
Edinburgh, Scotland
I am:
Male and Taken
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