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"Please allow me to take you by the hand, or, by the eye if you like, and take you to the places I've visited, the places I've found worthwhile to catch in time and light. Let me share this brief moment in history with you for it will never occur again. These memories and moments I can share with you and let you see what I've seen through my lens. That slice of time, just long enough to catch the right amount of light and keep this one off occurrence forever trapped in within these frames."


Creative musician & pro-photographer.

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Thank you for your intrest in my photography. Love to be appreciated, but please, lay off the "copy and paste" comments just to get me to follow you. Sincere and genuine comments are highly appreciated. There's enough fake in the world already as it is.

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  • JoinedApril 2015
  • OccupationIt-specialist / Musician / Photographer
  • HometownHilversum
  • Current cityHilversum
  • CountryHolland
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