Lego builder, artist and photographer. My photostream probably says a lot more about me than two lines of text ever could. :D

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  • 2016 MacRescue New Years Card by WookieeByte
  • MacRescue Holiday card for 2014 by WookieeByte
  • MacRescue Holiday Card 2010 by WookieeByte
  • Wookium by Mr. Moog
  • MacRescue New Years card for my clients by WookieeByte

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    André Elias says:

    "Even if most people are attracted to Powerpig's stream due to furry critters (chipmunks!), or the super clever Lego shots, I believe he's at his best when he posts his works focused purely on texture and colours. They always strike me as perfect, and (I know I'm repeating myself), I love his processing techniques. :-)"

    March 18th, 2009

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    Fanboy30 says:

    "Chris attacks photography with an open mind, learning new skills and techniques to help him achieve beautifully composed shots. I wait everyday to see what new things he has to offer us.

    A Power Pig image is recognizable by its colour palette and style that stands out in the photo stream everytime. Comedy rings true in his 'Atomic Wang' series and his self portraiture. His sheer off -the-wall humour leaves my head broken to outwit him at times.

    Chris is never one to shy away from his feelings, showing us his true emotions and on occasion his ass.
    Such a good friend and I thank Flickr everyday for bringing us together.

    A Firsty Devil indeed!""

    June 8th, 2007

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    archidave says:

    "It is too easy to forget sometimes that Chris only seriously picked up a camera back in January 2007 when he started Flickr. Since then his photostream has been a constant flow of brilliant and imaginative work. His 365 days series ensures a regular daily dose of powerpig to keep me smiling the rest of the day!

    Chris's self portraits are full of emotion, and humour, without verging on the narcissistic. The quality and composition of every picture, both portraits and his other work is guaranteed a treat. Always patient with my occasionally smutty or smart-arsed comments and never short of some in return ;-) I am happy to call Chris a good friend, and one of the best I have made through Flickr.

    Heres to you Chris, keep it up!"

    June 6th, 2007

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    lopsided houses says:

    "The master of unpretentious, honest, open, gorgeous photography, with an excellent eye for detail and posing. His self-portraits in particular are creative and interesting without ever being artsy, and it's always going to be a help that he's definitely easy on the eye! Alongside his fellow Flickrites, PowerbookTrance and Froot Smoothie, I've learnt more about good photography, and been more inspired as a result, from viewing his photo-stream than I have from all the photos I've ever taken.

    Oh, and if he's not the spittin' image of Doctor Gordon Freeman himself, I don't know who is. I mean, look at 'im!

    In a word? Awesome."

    March 22nd, 2007

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    TerryJohnston says:

    "Who knew anyone could have such fun with a Digital Camera! Chris's photos have helped me and my photography in many ways. He possesses a great eye for proper cropping, lighting, angle and overall mood/feeling. His photos are top shelf and always have that added extra. I watch his talent grow every day and sit at my computer hitting refresh over and over hoping that I will see more! Such a keeper..."

    February 27th, 2007

Chris McVeigh
January 2007
Halifax, Canada
Graphic Designer